Game this weekend

I wonder what the crowd will be like this weekend, considering its a night game? Also in my opinion, If we beat Auburn this weekend , I can see that being the last straw for Gus… So could this weekend, be a win win for us in the case , we beat Auburn and Gus is the new coach of Arkansas next year :shock:

If we beat Auburn, and finish the season strong, CBB will be the coach for a very long time. I would be very happy if that should happen.

I somewhat agree, but the key word is finish the season strong, to do that he will have to play his best players instead of guys, he thinks deserves a chance…

Arkansas has sold lots of tickets, Auburn is bringing lots of people.

So I would say 72,000 announced and 60,000-65,000 actually in the stands.

As for Arkansas beating Auburn and it ending up with the Gus Bus traveling to Fayetteville to become head coach, I would say that outcome would more likely solidify the job of the guy already here

Yea, with weather looking great, night game and Gus rolling into town, you would expect a pretty good turnout; however, if Hogs lose this one or worse case get blown out, i am sure the next 3 home games attendance will not be good :cry:

Not sure why anyone thinks we can beat Auburn, I don’t see it. I think they win comfortably

You are correct sir…I think.

I am praying for an upset.

The “new” o-line though has to get it figured out. If we can run the ball we can win. If not it will be tough.

…and I don’t think anyone “thinks” we will win. We are HOPING for a win. It is at home. Auburn has talent…but also fragility.

I don’t think we’ll beat Auburn, but I have better hopes for it than I had about beating Bama. I could see Gus getting fired at the end of this season if he finishes 8-4, a very real possibility. 7-5 or worse? He’s lost two with still TAMU, UGA & Alabama left to play. He could lose all three of those (A&M is at College Station). If he loses to us–well, it’d get really ugly on the plains.

Auburn defense is almost as good as Alabama.

The strong point of offense is running the ball. The OL is huge.

I think the weak point of our defense is stopping run.

I hope I’m wrong but I afraid this will be a blow out by halftime.

I agree. Check the halftime score… we are 0-16 under CoachB when we’re behind at halftime. Miracles do happen… let’s hope for the best.

I believe its 0-17 now.

I hope he is gone after this year. Maybe he could wind up at Kansas
or Texas Tech. I think he would be a better fit in that conference.
If TT had a defense even close to Auburn, they would be in the top ten.
He and TT’s arrogant coach are cut from the same cloth.

I agree. This entire give him another year thing is insane. It would just be furthering the inevitable. He’s shown some real lack of competency in his coaching, 0-17 when down at half, not sure what the record is but I know his record in games decided by 1 possession is also abysmal. That’s bad coaching. How quickly the story changes with him drives me nuts. Pointing out that the team is young… no not really actually, we have 1 true freshman starting. Some young receivers and a young qb, they all played well last week. The OL we saw this past weekend was full of guys who have been in the program atleast 3 years.

It’s time to begin the search and salvage what we can of this recruiting class, im sure we will have a decommitment or two, but I’d rather take a hit on this small class than next years class. The 2019 looks like a potentially great instate class.

Did you see Syracuse beating Clemson? Az St. beating Wash? Cal beating Wash St? BC beating the offensive genius?

Arkansas can definitely win. I don’t know that they will, but they can.

If that’s your reasoning, than I stand by my statement of I can’t see it. Sure they can win… but it’s highly, highly unlikely just as the rare upsets you mentioned.


simple and to the point.

i did actually laugh out loud and i needed it too

I can’t go to the game, and I cannot sell my tickets via the HI ticket exchange, nor have I found Ark or Auburn fans around here that are coming that could use my tickets. I’d think the crowd will be smaller than usual. Nice weather, tho.