Game story from the Baton Rouge paper

Not a word about the FT discrepancy.

One other stat I noted from the box score. Thanks in part to the refs swallowing whistles, they absolutely destroyed us on the glass, 44-20. They had 19 offensive rebounds to our 20 total.

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Channel 4 news at 10. Mike Irwin commented that he didn’t like to complain about officials but tonight it was horrible.
I don’t like LSU and I hope that group of officials never call another college game!

I don’t know why, but the LSU fans booing at the refs had my blood pressure real high. They thought they were the ones getting screwed. Absolutely ridiculous.

They do mention the free throw points margin 32 - 7 late in the article.

You go on social media and you’ll see a lot of fans of LSU saying the officials screwed them over?! Laughable!!!

My son told me that during the game.

Always makes you wonder what game they watch

It was as bad as I’ve ever seen! I was absolutely beside myself furious that last 8 or 10 mins watching them call a foul on us on the defensive end what seemed like every D@mn trip down!!! So so proud we won this game! Great job on those charges we drew

LSU now thinks they are the part of the blue-blood crowd… I hope their crowd and team get pounded the stretch.

Reading the Baton Rouge paper this morning, the rebounding discrepancy really stood out to me. We MUST do better in that area!!!

Well, it’s a lot easier to rebound if you can climb people’s backs, or push them out of the way, and not get a foul called.


Yes LSU got away with some of that on the rebounding, but we got a lot of fouls by being out of position also.
The put back dunks by LSU killed us also.
Despite what the LSU fans think, their players and coach have to wonder how they lost that game with so much going in their favor at home by the refs.

Still scratching their heads how we lit it up from the field.

I am all for winning, and if we’re winning without big rebounding totals, so be it.

Ding ding ding!

It ain’t how, it’s how many. And we had more than LSU and more than Vandy. Winning ugly still counts, and the committee isn’t going to sit there and say Arkansas got outrebounded by 24 so this win doesn’t count.