Game Story from Minnesota paper

Note the comments of the readers at the bottom. Most focus on how bad the Gophers are rather than how good we are - typical fans. … 463097053/

Ya. I mentioned that in this thread. … 1&start=30

Do you think they are the #14 team in the country, or worse?

They don’t have enough depth to cope with the fouls they got last night, although they also shot all the FTs. Especially with the injuries detailed in Wiz’s link. And we scorched it. Reminds me of that time we beat Misery by 52 in the BWA dedication game. Was Mizzou that bad? Uh, no. They got a 1 seed and made the Elite Eight. Played in Minny, they might win last night. But they got hit by a BWA sharknado.

I lost count the number of times those fans blamed the officials. Did they even watch the game? :lol: