GAME SET MATCH--- I knew not to

believe the pre-season hype. The line just is in shambles. NO WR’s that can get open. Defense a step backwards.

I was trying to be a nice guy about the talk of improvement before we played a game. Boy was that a bad read of observations. . I quit watching the Basketball Red - White years years ago when it meant something. Because it shows you nothing. Same goes for the Red-White game in FB.

At this rate AA will not last the seasons. CBB might not make the rest of the season.

HERE is what I still don’t understand why CBB just acts like zombie on the sideline. Chuck said CGP was going nuts right at the end of the ball game, still yelling and coaching his younger player. I don’t know maybe they were starters. CBB NOW I’m talking since he got here. HE has no fire in the belly. Like Saban. Not that I’m want him to act like Saban, BUT more emotions.

Now we have got to hear this talk for 2 weeks.

After the Tide beat us in the Sugar Bowl many year ago. He said boy we have got to get some bigger better boys.

I just hate to get embarrassed on National TV. CBS no less.

Changing my p;ick to 4-8… Maybe 5-7. Then what do with flip flop CBB ?

All sickness is not death BUT it sure hurts like hell.

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Tommy Craft just started his show and the first thing he said was where is the disconnect from what we have been told. And what was on display here today… MMmmmm


The loss hurts, but it was not an embarrassment. We were within 7 points with 3 minutes to go in the game. We lost. We lost 28-7. There will be 50-something games played today. 50-something teams will lose. Many will lose by worse scores. We don’t have to like it, but let’s not act like the world is laughing at us. Every losing team & their fans are concerned3 about what 3happened to their team. If they lose by 3 TD’s, they’ll be talking about how embarrassed they are.

Austin Allen does not look like the Austin Allen from last year after the first two games…

Because he has no receivers that are dependable like he did last year.

I actually said that to Jason in today’s game. WE could not put a finger on it but we both knew it was early.

I said Jason AA since the first few games of last AA just does not the same. HE said your right. WE could not come up with the game but we both agreed with your statement. Small world. THEN we also agreed that the OL li came sure make a QB look good or OFF.

The embarrassment comes from the watching the same red zone failures.
Watching the same Cole Hedlund result on FG’s. It shouldnt be a suprise to the coaches or fans when he misses chip shot field goal. That what he has been good at.
You can take all of those practice kicks and forget it when the lights are on he can’t make them. There’s a freshman that is on the hill put him in and let him try. See what he can do. If he is no better than Hedlund cut him loose and find someone else. I’m surprised when we make an extra point!
Or just let Austin Allen kick FG’s.
Austin Allen doesn’t have the same receivers from last year.