Game projections for the rest of the season

At Florida:
BPI Gators by 2.2
Warren Nolan Hogs 71-70
Pomeroy Hogs 69-68
Sagarin Hogs by 1.4, which as its name suggests simulates college basketball games: Florida 69-68

Vs. Kentucky:
BPI UK by 3.9
Nolan UK 78-74
Pomeroy UK 75-72
Sagarin UK by 2
Sim: UK 74-72

Vs. LSU:
BPI Hogs by 1.3
Nolan Hogs 71-70
Pomeroy Hogs 69-66
Sagarin Hogs by 2.6
Sim: LSU 70-68

At Tennessee:
BPI EOE by 11.5
Nolan EOE 74-69
Pomeroy EOE 72-64
Sagarin EOE by 4.6
Sim: UT 74-69

The projections would point to a 2-2 finish; they give us some chance against UK, not so much against UT.

Note on the sim site: When you plug in the team names and submit, it gives you the results of one simulation; do it again and you’ll get a different result. But below that sim score it lists the average margin of all simulations, which is what I used.

Well when it all shakes out if the hogs finish these last 4 games 2-2 it would be fine anything better than that is just icing on top of the cake.
Right now I would take 2-2 and move on.

Speaking of BPI, a serious glitch there this morning.

Their top team on BPI is Albany, which has a stellar 12-15 record in the America East conference. They jumped up from #263 last Sunday to #1 today.

The rest of their ratings look pretty reasonable. Either somebody hacked the Great Danes’ offensive rating or somebody was asleep when they entered the data.

We’re #22, which would be #21 if Albany is removed. We were #22 yesterday too.

They have LSU as the best defense in the country and we’re 14th.

Good info, but you did not include Nolan’s ELO predictions, which are:

Hogs over Florida 63-57
Hogs and UK a Pick 'em at 76-76 (Hogs 51% chance of winning)
Hogs over LSU 78-62
Tenn over Hogs 72-70

We are currently ranked #13 in his ELO rankings

Wiz just win the next game! Then worry about the next one after that. All the predictions by the models and site seem
A little wild at times. The hogs were an under dog against Tennessee and won!

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