Game plan

OK all of you want to be coaches less see your game plan for beating Butler. I’ll hang up and listen. I am going to sick Cook, Bailey and Gabe on the Martin kid and Beard, Barford and Hall on the Baldwin kid. I’m going to sit CJ Jones down, get in his head and have him come out on fire…Man or Zone I’m going to take Martin and Baldwin out of the game…

All joking aside, this has been the most fun team to watch that we have had in a long time. They will be missed.

I would play trapping man, and press them for the first 3-5 minutes to see how they handle it. Can their guards handle the press? Are they shooting the 3 good? If they are shooting the 3 good then we need to stop the trapping man and go to man or match up zone. If their bigs are causing Gafford and Thompson issues then I say we play both of them for a while. If Gafford can hold his own we can use match up zone that is pushed further out.

We need to employ the same D that we used against Florida as Butler is a less athletic version of them. Switch everything and smother the threes. Offensively, Barford and Macon need to be super aggressive. I don’t think they’re guards can hang with ours. Gafford (as in any other game) needs to watch the fouls and stay on the floor. I think we’ll be fine.

I don’t think we have the ability to take Martin out of the game, but we can make him work for everything. I would want to find out by the middle of the first half if Hall can do a decent job on him. I might let Cook have a go as well, just to keep a little length on him. I would overplay the threes whether in the matchup or man and force them to beat me shooting twos.

I do think they lack a physical guard to match Barford, who just needs to be aware they are not going to let him go to the goal without drawing two or three guys swatting at the ball and trying to get him to charge. Macon just needs to take what they give, because they are either going to let him shoot or leave themselves open to him dishing off the drive. They also have quite a few 6-1/6-2 guards and not a lot of size inside, so Beard may actually be able to drive more often(but if I was coaching Butler I’d let Beard shoot threes until he made a couple).

play the same matchup zone that totally shut down Fla. that will be plenty good and help us on the boards.

That same match-up zone got torched by Tennessee. I like Mike’s penchant for switching defenses up in both halves. I will agree that we are better suited overall in the matchup zone.

Are you kidding? Mike used Trapping man to start the game…and a lot. He used zone but after we were toast.

As dead as our legs were Saturday afternoon, it wouldn’t have mattered what defense we used. But Tennessee won’t shoot that well again either. Or in any shootaround where no one is even being guarded.

I don’t remember us trapping, I don’t think we did other than a couple of occasions. I seem to recall us starting out in man, then zone about 5 to 10 minutes into the 1st half - none of it mattered as Tenn was hot, hitting mostly contested jump shots.

I don’t think our defense was that bad, they were just that good IMO. In the 2nd half we had a chance to come back, but we couldn’t keep them off the offensive boards.

We trapped and switched, but you are correct in that we played a lot of straight up man. We trapped when UT ball handlers were vulnerable and our guards dropped down to “trap or support” the paint defense. The guards dropping down is a problem in our zone too because Beard does it ALL the time it seems.