Game of the year

this week is against MO.

Muss should have the focus of the team. It’s vital that the team drops this s show this weekend and not let MO beat us. Could stop our winning streak in vien.

Not sure I know what “in vien” means. Help me Mike. I think I figured out other stuff and your thought process.

I agree, this is a critical game for the Hogs.

At 10-14 and a Net of 138, Mo looks like a bad team. But, they play tough at their place, always play the Hogs tough at their place, and their recent win at A&M suggests they might be playing better lately.

On paper I don’t see any advantage to Missouri, except the foregoing. This is a must win roadie.

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Well in sports momentum means a lot. Could have won yesterday but didn’t finish. So to stay on our trajectory, or winning ways it’s important to not let bad habits cream in. I guess Muss says nothing in coaching has changed but winning sure did. So IMO it’s imperative we get this road win. As you know on the road winning is tough.

Need to bead MO bad.

NOW Tennessee. Huge game, yes just a huge game.

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