Game in Tulsa Saturday

Anyone have any suggestions on parking in Tulsa for the game? Places to eat after the game? Is the Christmas parade in Tulsa on Saturday morning like last year?

Yes. The Christmas parade starts at 11 on Saturday morning.

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Crap that made for a lot of extra congestion downtown last year.

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any ideas on parking?

Didn’t know that, also curious now.

I was told the best parking option is the Civic Center Garage.

Last time I went to an event at the arena, I parked 2 or 3 blocks away near the OSU hospital.

Here’s the arena parking page.

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Word of warning: I bought what I thought was a reserved parking spot on-line last year a couple of weeks before the game. It was the same situation with the Christmas parade happening at the same time. Got the the lot and it was already full. Got a refund, but it was a hassle and I still had to find paid parking. Leave yourself plenty of time. Advance parking apps don’t guarantee you a spot.

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