Game highlights from CBS YouTube

Thanks for adding! I had to listen to it on XM radio today while driving back from Colorado. It was good to see the highlights. Of note, I can’t stand the CBS broadcast crew!

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Nor can I. Danielson practically makes it obvious he doesn’t like Arkansas. His sometimes subtle yet snide remarks about the team are too often and he rarely if ever praises the team.

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Whining about the broadcast crew us really pointless. And off base. Go back and watch stuff from the LSU game in 2006 (which we lost) and listen to Danielson praise DMac. I thought they were quite fair and evenhanded.

You call it whining. Pretty funny. See the whole thing is we all can have an opinion on the broadcast crew. I happen to dislike them. Big deal. How about just say your welcome when I say thanks for posting the highlights and leave it at that. You can’t help yourself. (And I’ll add in edit mode, you’re going back to 2006 with DMAC to make your point? Even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now any then. It was DMAC, of course they are going to praise him. The only idiot that didn’t was Steve Spurrier.)


Someone was hoping on another thread that we would play in ABC’s featured night game w/Fowler & Herbstreit as announcers and I would hate that more than a Dickie V basketball broadcast because I cannot stand Herbstreit as a color man (though i’m sure he’s a fine person) because he thinks he has to unspool some long-winded, “profound” comment after every. stinkin’. play. And it drives me nuts. So glad it can’t happen.

As for Danielson, he’s been mailing it in for years. Harmless babble IMO.

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To each their own, but CBS delivers my favorite broadcast each week. I like Brad Nessler a lot and the CBS production crew is second to none.


Hmmm… So if I put you in the same category as g.d. would I still be whining?
Good for you Matt, that’s your choice.
I never have liked g.d. NEVER EVER, neither has most of the entire state of Alabama. Feel free to ask any true bama fan.
But maybe they’re ALL whiners too?
And just an added thought to your comment on Danielson and speaking well about DMac. Arkansas lost that game.

Fusion I’m beyond getting into a squabble with you and thanks for the cbs you tube highlights.
I can tolerate those much better than having to view the announcers.

I can appreciate people having different opinions. That’s what makes the world go around. I also appreciate you not criticizing others for not feeling the same way as you.

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