Game Delay Impacts

Any chance this delay changes the plans for Campbell since the next series starting on Thursday? Like perhaps a lower pitch count this weekend. Or maybe he just starts game 2 next week (on Friday) to stay on schedule? He had some issues with recovery last season.
Maybe I’m over thinking it this early in the season, but what else am I supposed to do with another day of no baseball. Tomorrow will be glorious.

I’d think they just start Isaiah on Friday next week. I think his issues last year were different because he was coming off elbow surgery and was dealing with inflammation related to the surgery. That puts Connor Noland pitching Saturday with normal rest. FYI, Noland is going to miss the first two days of football practice next week. They practice on March 1 and March 2 to start football practice.

Clay I think his question was because the series next week is a Thursday-Saturday.

Would Isaiah start This Sat then come back on Thu?

I could be wrong, but sounds to me like Clay was saying Campbell would go on Friday next week, the second game of the series. Noland would go on Saturday. Which would leave open who’s pitching the opener on Thursday.

That’s what I expected. It sets up pretty well to try someone else out for the “3rd” starter spot next weekend then since Kostyshock will be on Very short rest Thursday coming off a Sunday appearance.

I understood. I knew when the series was going to start at SC.

Clay, I saw, or heard, you ask DVH about this after today’s game (I’m sure you would have asked him about it regardless of what was posted here though). I can’t imagine there’s another service in the country that covers one specific college baseball team like you guys do. The baseball coverage is why I subscribe to WHS, and the addition of Matt’s podcast this season has just added even more value. So thanks to all of you and here’s to hoping you have plenty of good news to cover again this year.

Will the game at USC be streamed?

It is being streamed on USC’s website

There is a link to the live stream on the USC Schedule, but in point of fact, the stream is from the Pac-12 network.

I had thought about this no matter if they had been weathered out on Friday or not. Regardless, Campbell was going to be pitching with one day fewer rest if he started first. It made sense not to have him pitch on two days fewer rest. They want to get the pitchers into a routine as far as their rest between starts for the weekend starters.