Game day.. Run defense to be really challenged

Stating the obvious, we have to stop the run today if we’re going to win the game… not going to be easy.
They ran for 144 yards on Georgia which is far better than we did… very good athletic offensive line,very quick explosive running back…

I expect us to use the game plan we used against LSU where we have a 4 man front and are much more aggressive with the blitz. We will see… looking forward to snapping this streak!

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I sure hope so.

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I think Mizzu is going to do what they do. I figure they will run it pretty well in a loss. We on the other hand have real good shot at putting some 40ish points on the board.

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I’ve got a feeling we are going to make a statement today. I may be wrong, but I think these kids are sick and tired of being maligned for their defense, sick of the fake rivalry going to Missouri for years on end and sick of losing.

We are going to stomp a mud hole in their posterior and run it dry, one carry at a time.


I think Badie is going to get his yards, just as Brian Robinson did last week. But Robinson didn’t beat us. Bryce Young did. Keep Badie around 100, don’t let Bazelak go wild and we’ll be OK IMHO.

I sure hope you’re right! They will probably look at the LSU game film and put 5 up front and blitz us a lot( I know I would) to see if they can have the success they did.that should open up some big play possibilities hopefully we can take advantage of it

They don’t have the athletes that LSU does to run that as effectively against us I don’t think. They definitely don’t have the athletes in the secondary that LSU or Bama has, so KJ should have another great day. But I think you are right that they will try.

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I totally agree that why we should have a chance for some big plays but their last in the league in Rush defense so they have nothing to lose but to try it.

Yeah I think Sam would be pleased if we could hold Badie to around 100 that would put a lot of pressure on Bazelek and he’s thrown 10 ints this year so he’s proven he
will make mistakes.

Missouri has the worst defense in the SEC, and they’re playing away from their home (argh, so are the Hogs). I suspect a high scoring game with the Hogs winning by 10-20 points.

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I agree with this gameplan. but somehow every qb we play has a heisman day. I fully expect them to pass for 300 yards, and for this to be a dogfight to the end. which is very annoying.

I hope that’s my fear, due to our recent clown show of a coaching carousel, and that CSP is going to lead his troops to a mucho-physical beatdown of these punks.

and he throws a suplex on their ferret of a head coach, lol


Why are the Hogs playing away from home?? Game is in Fayetteville

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This is in Fayetteville, not Little Rock.

I believe we can take advantage and the difference might be how many times we throw to Sanders, we know they will load up on Burks. We have so many options on offense we should be able to score enough. But as you said above the defense will need to play well and we could use a take away or two to seal the deal. WPS

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I don’t know why but I see AJ Green making some big plays today. Just a hunch but we will see.

Ahh, misread it. Thanks

Sounds good as long as we have another win at the end of the day. WPS

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I awoke with the exact same thought. The LSU game helps prepare us for this. Yes. Same defensive game plan as versus LSU.

Mizzou has a good offense. We all need to remember that.

They do NOT have a great defense. We need to score score score. Could be a huge day for Treylon.

Gotta win this. GO. TO. WIN. THIS.

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How is the weather? Seems like recent games against Mizzou have been played in lousy weather, and our performance has matched.

Mid 50’s and clear at kickoff