Game day red. white and blue helmets

ricky williams helmet


I wrote a little bit about those yesterday.

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The Army National Guard helicopters are in town this afternoon. They kept flying over and rattling the house, so on about the third pass I decided to get a look.

Those Blackhawks (among others) make quite a racket outside my office door at work too! :wink:

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I was wade fishing at end of open week on the White. Several blackhawks came down the river. I was sure the last of them slowed down to see me fight a trout. I waved and the gun ship wiggled (as did the trout) and then caught up. I may have just been imagining all of that and maybe it did not slow down.

They are impressive when just a couple hundred feet above the river.

They sometimes land at Gastons for lunch on training missions. The folks at Gastons treat em right.


Wish we would have worn these helmets on 9/11. Still beautiful, nonetheless.


Red, White, and Blue on the helmets? Military decals to boot? Those images are not very popular these days. Including some on this board. Surely whoever thought of this stunt needs to be exposed and canceled.

Way to ruin a thread.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

“Exposed and canceled” for being patriotic? Good Lord.

No way do we want to show support for the people who gave their life so we can watch a football game or anything else!

Really! If that is not very popular, then I certainly do not want to be popular!!!

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Hoping that post from lovemyhawgsforever was sarcasm, otherwise GTH and stay there. Looking forward to the positive token of thankfulness for the sacrifice many have made to make America a beacon of hope against despots the world over. Freedom is not and never has been free. Be loud Hog fans and drown MSU in an abundance of thunder and help lift our team to victory and a bowl game.

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