Game day parking

I am inquiring about parking near the Alumni House for the Cincinnati game.
I need a place for only about 12-1:30. Going to the house for pregame meal/festivities and driving home to Bentonville to watch game on TV. I have a handicap sticker (a legit one), if that is something I might need. I need to be close to the house. I cannot walk fast, especially where inclines are concerned. I have a slight concern about paying to park in a yard and having issues with a quick egress before game starts. I am pretty sure parking at Baum and taking the shuttle would not work for my situation. Any suggestions?

I don’t see why taking the shuttle wouldn’t work. It drops off very near Alumni House, then you can catch it at 1:30. Getting out of the lot at Baum could be problematic, I guess, but getting out of the stadium area in general is problematic. Put it this way, if I were trying to do what you’re doing, I’d ride the shuttle. Just arrive early enough that you can catch the shuttle and be up the hill by noon; my guess would be 11:30.

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Back before I had a parking pass, I used to park just up the hill from the alumni ctr in a big yard/open area, coming in on Maple from Sang. It is maybe 2 blocks up the hill, and looking on google maps still seems to be open. Back then the people running the lot did a good job of making sure people didn’t get blocked in, but that’s been a while.

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I believe that if you have a handicap hang tag, you can park in lot 56 and ride that shuttle. It will stop just across from the Alumni House. You might double check that with the Foundation.


Catching the shuttle at 1:30 is problematic. Even if it shows up at 1:30 (my guess is that is unlikely), by the time I get to Baum and start home it could be 2 or later…later is more likely.
I guess in a nutshell, I really don’t think I can trust ANY shuttle to get me back to any parking lot in time to get home for the game.

I’ll see where lot 56 is, but getting back to that lot in a timely manner is what worries me. I just don’t think I can trust using any shuttle to pick me up on time and then get home in time. I will record the game, but REALLY want to watch it live.

If your goal is to get home by game time, it ain’t happening. No matter where you park or how you get there. Too much traffic around the stadium.


You are probably right. I was thinking if I am in my car NLT 1:45 I might make it. Going against the main flow of traffic MIGHT help. Biggest problem is parking close enough to get to my car by 1:45 and still having had an hour at the alumni house. (It opens at 12:30)

I was trying to find something on how often the buses circulate before the game. All I could find is they start game day routes 4 hours before kickoff. You might be able to get that info by email,

Having ridden the buses in the past from both lot 56 and Baum, you normally don’t have to wait very long to catch one. Of course I wasn’t getting back on one an hour before kickoff, but you should be able to get on when they stop at the northwest corner of RRS.

I, too, have ridden the buses from Baum and BW, but it was for games that I attended after going to the AH, so, I wasn’t concerned about actual times for pick up. I would go to this game, but the likely heat is more than I want to put up with these days. Thanks for your responses.

Another option is to just try to make it to a close-by Fayetteville sports bar to watch the game…that would save some time, but I am not familiar enough with those options and no idea whether I could have a seat with a good view of a screen and be in a reasonably well-behaved crowd. :woozy_face:I guess I am just getting too picky to warrant leaving my house! :hushed:


Have you checked with the AH to see if they have one handicap parking spot that you could use and tell them you will be leaving an hour before the game? And second, if you could make your way back to Cleveland down the hill and then right on Sang, left on Wedington, get on I-49 you would be in good shape for kick-off. My wife has let me and a buddy out on the corner of Garland and Maple and made it home to Springdale in about the time it takes for us to get to seats.

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Can you even get to the corner of Garland and Maple these days without a pass?

You could until a couple of years ago. Last year we came up Maple from College and let us off at the corner two blocks back from Garland then she went right down to Wedington and took a right on North back to College.

Pregame traffic flow map. I can’t tell much from this except that Maple north of the stadium is definitely a no-go. Where they shut off traffic without a pass, not sure.

I have asked AH previous years and the answer was always no. I suppose I could try again.

I don’t understand why they can’t find at least one person to oversee the House, keep it open, and show the game on their TVs…I would even pay a small extra fee to watch there.

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