Game day experience

First game in fayetteville in a long time. too long. tailgating was calm, nicely shaded, we had fun but it wasn’t nearly as wild as LR. not sure if that’s typical or just due to opponent/our bad record for years. But as a dad, it was nice, kids had fun.

CSU fans were very nice, everyone got along great before and after the game.

The HogTown on Maple-band was good, bouncy things for hte kids was good. service was slow at all the food trucks, and man it was HOT! I was so looking forward to escaping the LR heat, but it was brutal on that black asphalt.

Stadium really looks good, during the day with the fountain, and even better at night with the backlit HOg. really impressive job on the physical plant, proud of our university. also the softball and soccer fields were beautiful, the new dorms going up are cool, just enjoyed seeing the campus, as always.

In the stadium, the south end zone outdoor club seats are very nice, amenities were the best I’ve ever had at a college football game (except for the Pepsi, but that’s another topic). easy lines, plenty of restrooms, nice people, etc.

They had fewer “recognitions” than I remember-still too many, but improved.

Much better job with the DJ keeping the crowd involved, and I did not think the music was “too loud”. liked the songs and the volume. and in the 4th quarter when they show fans dancing on the big, beautiful screens, that was very entertaining. That grandma on the top of the east stands was awesome, literally lifted up the whole place.

The fireworks after every score are loud and a little obnoxious. Maybe I’ll get used to them, but they startled me every time. I’m getting old, i guess.

crowd was pretty loud, all things considered, can’t wait for the MissStake game-should be LOUD.

Not much to add to everyone’s discussion of the game. On the fumble, Starks was so far from Boyd that we all assumed it was a pass play. no idea how he even “handed off” to Boyd from that far away.

Cunningham is fun to watch from the endzone. athletic and strong. we didn’t seem to pull much, but all the oL seem to move very well. Just need them to stay healthy and get continuity!

Team meeting-this was a very cool part of the game, and I don’t think it was on tv. After CSU missed a FG, and it was still 34-34, there was a long TV timeout. All the hogs gathered on the field about the 50 yard line, for the whole time. I’m not sure if it was coaches talking or captains talking, but they were quiet and focused as a group. After that pow-wow, our D crushed them and our O crushed them. It was like watching our team grow up, right in front of our eyes. Very cool, so glad to watch it!

Anyway, after that game, I was exhausted and had a tremendous headache, I have no idea how our players play so hard so long in that heat/humidity.


They had toned down the music quite a bit after the first game. It made a big difference in my opinion. Glad you had a great time. The stadium is first class now. We just need a few more butts in seats. Go Hogs!

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I don’t attend many games as I live in Florida, but I got to this one. I was surprised when our fans booed the CSU team when they entered the field. And, it wasn’t just a few fans. My buddy who accompanied me to the game said that has become standard, not only in Fayetteville, but other stadiums around the SEC.

When they recognized former Hog athletes for an induction ceremony, I perked up when they mentioned Dick Cunningham. The summer after he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, I worked out at the field house with his younger brother, who was a huge kid. We drove around town in Dick’s new Cadillac El Dorado convertible, which I understood to be his signing bonus with the Bills. A couple of 16 year old kids sure looked cool in that car!! Or, at least the Fayetteville high school girls seemed to think so…

I am afraid that’s correct. It started several years ago, but I’m not a fan of booing the other team.

Not a fan of booing the opposing team either. I don’t know if the booing was a reaction to # 99 giving the fans the one finger salute as CSU came onto the field, or if the salute was a reaction to the fans booing, but I noticed he ran the length of the sideline giving the flying the bird. He stopped saluting when the team took a knee for prayer.

Guy next to me commented "he must be asking for forgiveness now. :laughing:

Booing the other team when they come on the field has been going on since the 60s and probably before, I don’t remember a time Texass came onto the field and didn’t get booed, same when they out after halftime. Only team that I remember not getting booed was Wichita State in 1970

I never understand booing the other team as they run in, especially when the other team runs on when our team is coming through the A. If you stop cheering for your team to boo them, you are giving them exactly what they want. Why would you do that?

And don’t get me started on the “Over-rated” chant …

Booing is like inviting someone to your house and then talking bad about them when they get there. It’s not a way to treat your guests. I don’t remember a lot of fans booing back in the 60s. A few maybe, but it wasn’t thousands like I heard Saturday. I would say that the majority of the boos were coming from the side where the CSU team entered and that is the student section, so perhaps that is what it is.

In the last ten years or so, the only teams that don’t get thoroughly booed are the Portland States of the world. Most Arkansas fans who make it a practice to boo the opposition onto the field still have trouble not saying “bless their hearts” rather than boo when the (assumed) designated victims enter the stadium.

Since CSU beat us in Fort Collins, they got the SEC treatment from the usual booers, who look on it as a tradition/home field advantage thing. I don’t boo, I just look at Mrs. Buzzard and say “there goes the Sportsmanship Trophy”.

If you’re referring to what Arkansas fans say after a first down, I’m personally embarrassed by it. Especially in recent years where many first downs come late in the 4th qtr with our opponent playing 3 string players and holding an insurmountable lead.

In reference to the original poster’s comment about recognitions before the game, I emailed Hunter Yurachek before last weeks game and expressed my opinion about recognizing big money donors before games. I urged him to find another way to stroke their even bigger egos but not before a game. Many fans don’t care to see them at all. Instead I asked him to publicly recognize only former players PLUS the CSU Player who is the oldest player in FBS this year, an army combat veteran, and a real man. I told him that would be great PR for Arkansas and sportsmanship in general.

I doubt my email had any impact on last weeks game although I did think he’d reply to me

Nothing wrong with recognizing big money donors, it’s not like they go stand at the end of the “A” anymore. We need them more than ever, since the cheap seats don’t sell.

Portland state was booed as well, unfortunately. I get an sec opponent, but Portland State?

BlockquoteIf you’re referring to what Arkansas fans say after a first down, I’m personally embarrassed by it.> Blockquote

No. I’m referring to fans chanting “OVER-RATED (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)” when we’re about to beat a team we’re not supposed to beat. I realize this hasn’t happened in football in quite some time, so it’s understandable if you don’t recall it. It seems stupid to taunt a team you’re beating as being over-rated. Don’t we want to be beating highly rated teams? Makes no sense to me.

The noise level for Portland State was pretty low. Notice I said “thoroughly”. CSU got closer to what you hear directed towards an SEC team. Some of the yahoos boo everyone because they think it intimidates the other guys.