Game day changes

Seems like I remember some talk about metal detectors as we enter the stadium.
Is that official or still in the talk stage.

Just read that Jeff Long announced that there would be no metal detectors this year.
Kind of important to me since I have two new titanium hip replacements since last season and wondered
if I would set it off.

I’ve had 12 inches of stainless steel in my back for 40 years now. I’ve only set off one metal detector in that time. Amazingly that was in an airport before 9/11. Theoretically you could set off metal detectors but you’re far from the only person that will be entering the stadium with implanted metal

I was told last week that with all of the other changes (new bag policy, construction, etc.) that they didn’t think this would be a good year to implement the metal detectors. It likely will be ready for 2018.