Game day atmosphere

Well any noticeable differences in the Gameday atmosphere? How were the lines and any issues with the beer sales? Anyone go to the area in front of poultry building? Sounds like they were trying to spruce that up with band and food and beer available? Thx

Piped in music with DJ was very loud. A couple of times they literally played music over the ref’s description of a penalty. I could never hardly hear the band. Just a DJ. I guess maybe students like that.

Much improved, as with any thing there is room for improvement. The music is loud at every stadium, go on a road trip to find out.

I hate the loud piped in music. I’m sure its a function of my age, but I still go to the games for game itself, the band music, and the cheers of the crowd. If I want to hear pop music, I can get earphones. Regardless, I know it’s here to stay—at least until a new generation of fans comes along that require a different kind of entertainment.

I hate this music also. Plus they play it almost every time there is a timeout. Why can’t the band play the majority of the time.? If the music has to be played, turn the volume down.

I thought it was much improved including the song selection. Reducing the recognition stuff was great. Only gripe I had was the ref microphone needed to be much louder

Once again, NEA, you have made a post that allows me to just say “what he said”. I also know it won’t go back to the way it was, but that (your preferred atmosphere) was a MUCH more enjoyable way to consume a great day at the football stadium. Now lost to the ages.

Spot on. I thought it was ear splitting awful.

The band will have to get the hang of the uptempo play. They have these little themes that are played after good plays, but just don’t work when the team is really working a good series. Case in point; at the end of the 3rd quarter we were driving and moving the ball well, with good tempo between plays (a rare occurrence yesterday). The band was trying to do its thing, but ended up playing when the team was lined up actually calling the next play. They were really going that quickly. First game uncoordination extended beyond the boundaries of the field. It was a good thing they were playing at the opposite end of the field so any interference was minimized.

Its not just the band. The cheerleaders’ role was minimized due to the complete load of garbage that was piped in. A few years ago, when the push to minimize the cheerleaders and band began, at least the music seemed to fit. Only an idiot would enjoy the awkward, and senseless, pastiche of a rap song spliced into a country song connected to an “oldie but goodie”. It was like I held down the “scan” button on the car radio (not satellite, where the channels are grouped by genre).

Volume doesn’t bother me. Games are supposed to be loud.

Pleased me to see the number of honors and recognitions reduced. At some point, they become meaningless. I do like to see us recognize UA faculty as well as our other athletic teams.

It was nice to see the timing of the pre-game work out so there wasn’t large, awkward pauses! The sideline timing guy was a bit frantic trying to get the band to speed up the alma mater - very humorous. Sorry, dude. That is sacred territory.

Odd thing I’ve not seen online anywhere - Portland State did not warm up on the game field during pregame. Never seen that before.

Free water stations were well-used and appreciated. Plenty of drunks in my area by game’s end, but that isn’t new. They seemed pleased.

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is winning. That’s how you add butts in the seats. I know they’re trying to cater to the younger crowd but they’re in danger of losing about a 1/3 of the people who don’t care for the loud music. I don’t know the average age of the fans attending games but I would bet a good percentage is 45 plus.

And the older fans contribute the most money to the Foundation.

Based on what I saw Saturday 1/3 might be short… I know the club seats at least were very much 45 plus.

I felt that the piped in loud music was a bit much. Most of the time, I couldn’t hear the refs make a call. We sit next to the students and it appears some of them didn’t appreciate it either. I’m all for having a good experience but to me the piped in music was over done. To me, the music interfered with my game experience and many fans around me expressed the same sentiment.