Game balls and burning truck decals

Game balls for Rawleigh Williams and Keon Hatcher. Maybe Dre Greenlaw too. Burning truck decals for O-line, AA, secondary and not so special teams. Good to see some intestinal fortitude. As bad as the first 3 quarters were, they got R done in the final 15. Big sigh of relief and sense of impending doom for next week.

Austin made the throw that Brandon didn’t against Toledo. That gives this team the room to improve without already taking a big hit to season goals.

Yeah I know. He gets a couple of those little hog decals for good plays too.

As a new starter with little game experience and a porous line, I thought he played pretty well.

I hoped the Hogs could avoid this type of game. It is happening to many teams. These “cupcakes” have some good players and you better come out ready to play.

I’m afraid the Hogs took this team lightly, though they would not admit it.

The one thing that bothers me, is the defensive players don’t show a sense of intensity when setting up for the play. They look relaxed. They need to be foaming at the mouth. JMO

I hope that is the case. My concern is that it wasn’t a lack of intensity but rather a lack of ability.

Arkansas’s coverages were ill thought out once again. Against the spread I’m afraid they are playing the wrong safeties. LT picked on Ramirez all game. They moved their best receiver into the slot where Ramirez was, because they knew he would play way off. Their freshman QB did so well because he usually had to do nothing but throw to the wide-open man. That is easy. We made it easy. You can’t give their best receiver that much cushion and expect to stop much. Schematically, we were stuck unable to adjust coverages because we had the wrong players on the field.

The team was probably hearing all the talk about how they would bury LT. Were they looking ahead to next week. It is called playing one game at a time.

AA wins his first career start throwing 2 TDs including the game winner. Kudos to him. Lots of room to grow for sure, which he will. Considering the terrible showing of the OL I think he did well.
Sprinkle would have had a bigger game if AA had seen him open several times. Still he gets kudos too.
The defense was shockingly bad, again, and looked just like last year. No sign of press coverage. No sign of the Triangle. Very poor tackling. Passive secondary continues to be a Robb Smith problem. I like Smith, but his D is never ready to start the season. Sorry. Just a fact.
TCU will be plotting against this film. The two coordinators need to close their holes quickly.

It’s interesting you say that. CBB mentioned in postgame he thought Santos played well.

My biggest gripe, as always, was that we let an inexperienced Qb get to sit in the rocking chair most of the day.

I know it’s dangerous, but at some point you have to stop giving the 10-yd cushion.

It may have been a totally different game if we had scored when up 14-7 and driving rather than throwing a pick with a long return.

I hate playing spread teams but it’s the world in which we live so we need to do better.

That said, you should win against La Tech at home if you only give up 20. We did. But it was scary.

“Burning truck decals?” Seriously?

Randy, you know more football than that. Ramirez is a safety. Of course he’s going to play off the line. Unless he’s blitzing. Only LSU plays Cover Zero, and we’ve seen what to do with Cover Zero: Throw over it (Mallett to Adams, 2010).