Game and Series...

was done when they pulled Loseke prematurely. Coaches lost this one, no doubt in my mind! Cronin is good for 3 or 4 outs. Otherwise, he struggles…


I’m in a place of complete and utter pissed offness. I don’t know how we lost that, other than it’s the Arkansas thing to do.

Totally disagree

Cronin has gone six outs many times

And he did his job
The game was in our glove, and we gave it away

He did his job giving up 3 runs in one inning. Wish I worked for you!

Cronin induced the pop-up needed to win. The defense just didn’t catch it. Not the coaches’ fault. The strategy worked. The problem is once the ball isn’t caught, all the momentum switched to OSU. He gave up the game-tying hit and Arkansas’ fight was gone. Game was over the second the ball hit the dirt in foul territory.

I hate to say it, but the series might be over because of that completely boneheaded play by all tree players. It was Coles ball, and he took his eyes off because Shaddy called him off and over ran it. That can not and should not happen.

This your 6th post & you’re here just placing blame. Easy to jump on Cronin, Dave. Glad you don’t hang out here.

Cronin did his job. The 3 guys that muffed the pop up foul doomed us

It’s not cronins fault.
It’s no one but Shaddy and Coles.

They are grown men, and can handle the criticism. They played that fly ball AWFULLY. It was coles ball, Shaddy called gates off, and over ran it, Cole took his eyes off and watched it hit the ground after Shaddy over ran. I hate it, I know they hate it more. Three of or biggest players this month, but they may have cost us the over all goal. Hard to swallow at the moment, but still proud of the season.

Dude, seriously, I’ve been here for years. Look at the conversion date. I got tired of talking to people who claim to be experts because they post (bs) a lot so quit posting. But be proud of your smugness and counter my argument…

They won’t sleep well tonight. Will come to the game tired tomorrow. Maybe it will make them loose, but likely they will play will less energy. Maybe the fans can stir them up.

I won’t know.
I’m going home.
I can’t take it. Can’t bear it.

I’m far too frustarated to watch. It should be over, we should all be celebrating, but far too often that’s the hindsight look at it.

I hope they show up and actually play tomorrow, because they sure as hell haven’t yet. I hope our seniors learn how to catch a pop fly. But for now, I just suspect it’s the usually Arkansas way of things, don’t expect anything good.
Hardest part of my life has been being a hog fan, I’ll love them to the grave, but god…I really don’t know why.

There is no one other than maybe Shaddy who wishes we’d caught that ball. But, in most parks, on most days, that ball is 5 rows deep. So, I conclude that that catch would have been great and we’d be champs. But, we didn’t, and in most parks it wouldn’t have mattered. In most parks, on most days, Cronin would have had to go back to the mound and got an out. He didn’t. I don’t blame him, I blame the staff. He was gassed. Period.

I love Dave and the rest of the staff. I think they are the greatest staff in America. But, I believe not going a little longer with Loseke (against a good late inning hitting team) took away options. Not disgusted, not ready to commit suicide, not wanting DVH’s head, just stating my opinion of what happened…

You’re argument is “the coaches lost this one.” “It was lost when they pulled Loseke too early.” First, you have absolutely no evidence to believe Loseke was pulled too early. You have no idea what the actual experts, the coaches, saw. You have no idea what would’ve happened had he stayed in. Except of course had he stayed & given up the winning run, you’d have come here & said the coaches lost this one, they should have put in Loseke. Second, Cronin had the final out on that pop foul. It just didn’t happen.

We all can play a “what if” or blame game. Your only post is to blame. It’s one thing to be upset & disappointed. It’s another thing to act like you know what should’ve been done. Nobody “lost” this game. Players made great plays, players made mistakes. That’s sorta how games, especially baseball, happen. However, if you’ve coached a team to the CWS championship, then blame away & tell us all the right decisions you made getting your team there.

Yes. They played it badly. But why criticize them at all? Do you think they don’t feel quite bad enough & because “they’re men & can handle it” we need to make the loss their “fault?” Why not blame anyone else who failed to make a play that could have made a difference? It’s not that we can’t bemoan the play or even talk about how it should’ve been played, it’s the way we do it—casting blame rather than simply discussing it in a way that doesn’t make them feel any worse or unnecessarily makes it their “fault.” They hustled. It wasn’t an easy play. They got into each others’ way. Either it wasn’t called or called loudly enough or they otherwise didn’t complete it—all while busting their butts to try to win the game so people like us could be reveling in it.

All the talk about blame for the muffed pop-up— how bout fact our wonderful fans so loud that no one could hear who was calling for the ball—it was obviously Cole’s catch but communication difficult due to crowd noise

I consider myself an “optimistic realist”. We got a lot of breaks that went our way before the foul pop up disaster. We were fortunate, not lucky, to win game one. We have about half the number of hits they do and we’re 1-1. This is a tough, scrappy bunch of Razorbacks and I think we have a real shot to win game three. We can not let them jump out ahead of us early today. If we are still in it late, Hawgs win…

When you’re a catchable foul ball from winning a NC it’s because the team has been resilient all season long and the talent to match. Our defense and pitching has carried us this far against OSU and it’s time the offense wakes up and wins this thing tonight. I do believe the coaches decided to take a lot of pitches to wear down the OSU staff and perhaps the strategy will prove valid tonight. But I hope we are aggressive at the plate and stop watching the first pitch strike put us behind in the count… Hogs will regroup and bring home the bacon.