Game 6 - (one of my few claims to fame)

I was at the 1985 world series game 6. I’m watching it now on DVD. I had forgotten that Astronaut Sally Ride threw out the first pitch. As I noted in another post, first pitches were thrown out from the stands back then.
(Hey, I’m bored. Why not watch?)

My sports claims to fame (being there):

  • Game 6 of the 1985 world series
  • Toops HR that led to the defeat of Wichita State (Chuck’s call is my ringtone)
  • Tennessee Redemption (If you don’t know what that is, how are you a Hog fan?)
  • 2009 CWS win over Virginia (It took me hours to unwind. I’ve been to several CWS games, but nothing compares.)
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Good memories! I have watched all the games I recorded from this season!
Basketball, baseball and softball I deleted the football games and wish I could forget those bad memories.
We need tough skin to be hog fans!

There are lots of great memories for hog fans. Unfortunately, too many are rather remote. Good baseball memories are a bit more recent.

I was there:
1.1978 ('77 season) Orange Bowl
2. 2000 Cotton Bowl
3. Hog-Horn basketball game in Barnhill where we had the huge comeback win that featured Sidney on the cover of S.I. the next week.
4. Super Regional win over Mo St to get to Omaha in (2015?)
5. Win over eventual NC winner So. Cal in WMS in 1975

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Nice list, Chip. I was there for that Super Regional win over SMS. That was fun too!

I didn’t (and don’t) usually go to away games. I have gone to the CWS for every series starting in 2009. I screwed myself last year by not going to Omaha until Monday. Since the Hogs lost in their first game, they were playing while I drove up there. I got to my motel in Council Bluffs as the Hogs lost. I spent the night and then drove home without ever making it to TD Ameritrade. :flushed:

Damn, that sucks about the Omaha trip, Marty. I had planned on going later in the week, but since we went 0-2, I never packed my bags. I was bound & determined to make it up there this year, but oh well.

A few of mine:

  1. 1979 Texas game in WMS, ending the 7-game losing streak to the Fallopians
  2. 1982 SWC tournament final at Barnhill South, the night it truly earned that name.
  3. 2015 Super regional final over SMS (Chip and I sat together in the Hog Pen, couldn’t get within 30 feet of the fence).
  4. Upset of Kansas in Barnhill in 1986, the night you realized this Hawgball thing might work.
  5. Beating Texass in Austin in 2003. Sixth Street was a lot of fun that night.
  6. 2013 NCAA indoor track meet at Tyson Center. Kemoy Campbell ran out of his mind in the 3000 to get us the points we needed to win, then the 4x400 relay capped it off by winning the last race. Also the only time I had a date to a track meet; a marathon runner and OU grad.
    And yes, Game 2 of the CWS championship series with Molester State. The innings of anticipation as the outs counted down, followed by the total letdown as Grenier singled and Larnach homered. I’ll never forget that. Drove straight back to Fort Smith that night; I had to be at work the next evening.

That’s a good list, Jeff. I forgot about some of the amazing performances that I’ve seen at the NCAA Indoor Championships including Wallace Spearmon in the 200M (and others.)

And of course I can’t forget another game in Austin. March 14, 1981. U.S. Reed from half court. And February 12, 1984. Balentine’s Day.

And Miracles on Markham 1 and 2. And the '06 Bama game, which I’m afraid may be our last win over the Ocean Scum for a few more years (thanks to Leigh Kiffin).

Here’s a few

1, Toops’ Grand Slam game
2. 24-20 football win over Tennessee the year following the heartbreaker
3. Miracle on Markham
4. 1994 Hoops win over UK on Super Bowl Sunday
5. 2015 - 3-2 win over MO St. in Super Regional Final. Never been so nervous for so long.

I thought Don Dinkinger threw out the first pitch.

I was at the TN redemption game.
Was at both miracles on Markham
Best time was the 3 OT victory at Red Stick when LSU was #1

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Not to be “that guy”…but that game was in 1974, not 75. I remember well, not because I was there (in LR), but because I was in Southern California at the time (San Diego, on a work-study program prior to my last year in college). It was a hoot listening to the USC broadcast of the game on the radio. They were stunned…and so was John McKay. His comments after the game were not very gracious.

…and this was in 1995, not 1994. The 1994 game was in Lexington.

I was at the 1995 game in Fayetteville. It was indeed Super Bowl Sunday. And a snowy day at that (made a day-trip drive up and back from DFW).

Oh, okay. I thought it was our national championship year.

Not a big deal, at all. I just happen to have a specific memory of that game.

By the way, one of my “claims to fame” doesn’t involve the Razorbacks…but is kinda cool none-the-less.

In 1965, my Dad took me to something called the Sun Carnival Tournament in El Paso. It was a Holiday basketball tournament, loosely tied to the annual Sun Bowl game in December each year. The reason Dad took me was because Glen Rose and the Razorbacks were part of the 4 team field.

They played the first night and lost to #7 Iowa - the score was close, as I recall; I think Arkansas lost by less than 6 points (and Arkansas was not considered to be very good in those days). Living in El Paso, it was the first time I had seen ANY Arkansas team play in person.

But the noteworthy part came in the next game, when host Texas Western (now UTEP) defeated Loyola-New Orleans by about 30 points. Dad and I stayed for that game (one ticket got you both games). TWC had been good in the prior years under Don Haskins, so we wanted to watch them. Little did I know that this team would go on to beat Kentucky 3-4 mos. later for a stunning and still memorable National Championship.

I believe you’re right. It was 74

My top in-person Hog memories (in no particular order):
1979 Texas game in LR (the place was bedlam, no one would leave when the game ended).
1981 Texas game in Fayetteville (blew them out, goal posts came down)
1999 Tennessee redemption (goal posts again)
2007 or 08 South Carolina game in Fayetteville. D-MAc ran for 319 yards.
1982 Houston in Fayetteville (Hastings from the elbow for the win)
1982 SWC tournament in Dallas
1999 Against No. 2 Auburn. Roof almost came off when Derek Hood dunked on an ally-oop
2014 Qualls dunk at the buzzer to beat Kentucky
1985 Texas game. First night game at George Cole Field. Ralph Krause walk off home beats the Horns.
Super regional finals in 2015, 2018 and 2019.

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