Game 4 - Same starters and best-looking foe...

Kingsley, Thomas, Hannahs, Macon and Barford

This team is much like an IMG Academy type school.

Best looking team Arkansas has played to me - at least before the tip.

Young team, athletic, couple of big guys

up 8-4 early

Thomas with an old-fashioned 3-point play and Hannahs with a new one.

Barford a steal and lay

up 20-13 in the first quarter with 2:53 left after a CJ Jones 3 and Cook rebound basket inside

Second unit now in - Beard, Cook, Thompson, Watkins and Jones

Hannahs - who hit a 30-footer - has 8 points to lead the way

Kingsley has 2 fouls

Hazen and Bailey become the 11th and 12th players to enter the game for Arkansas as the second quarter begins

Hannahs 8
CJ Jones 7

Let me just say, I was less than excited when CMA offered CJ Jones. His offer list was not inspiring. Looks like CMA might know what he is doing.

is a player

He’s got the first 5 points of the second quarter and 12 for the game - Arkansas ahead 32-18

Macon, Barford, Cook, Hazen and Thomas really applying great pressure defense

Arkansas now up 42-24

7-15 behind the line. GREAT numbers

Jones 12 points in 5 minutes

Hannahs 11 points

Thomas, Macon and Beard all with 7 points

Dustin Thomas - who goes as hard to the board as any recent Arkansas player - has a team-high 6 rebounds

Arkansas 23-40 FG (57 percent)

7-15 on 3 pointers

6-10 FTs

up 24-17 on boards

forced 17 turnovers while committing 10

European Academy
9-26 FG
0-7 on 3s (all have been contested tonight)
14-22 FT

Barford, Macon, Kingsley, Thomas and Hannahs start the third quarter

Barford quickly scores in lane to put Arkansas up 61-32

This kid CJ Jones, 20 points in 10 minutes. I know these are just overseas exhibitions games, but this kid came to play. Looks like he may be playing himself to being the first guy off the bench.

It’s 108-51 right now with 6:30 left

RJ Glasper now in

of the four both on offense and defense.

They just come at your in waves this season

So, so, so much different than last season

Looks like Anton playing better. 6 assists 1 TO. 14 pts. How does he look Dudley?

and leads 122-55 with 30 seconds left

Judging from the runs, the second unit has been as good, or nearly as good, as the first unit on this trip. Was there more than one Bailey on the court in the fourth quarter? Geez, I’m guessing the kid has a high motor. The way he and Thomas rebounded was impressive on this trip.

Dudley did these European All Star nuns wear their habits during the game?

I’m sure everyone on the team wishes they could take a ride back to Madrid and play a rematch against that first team tomorrow. But seriously, It’s great to see how much the team improved on this trip.