Game 3

Game 3 thread.

Also starting it with a 2nd consecutive day if… WTH was Kjerstad doing.

Bad base running… agh

Didn’t matter. The “right” baserunning play is to stay put but we still wouldn’t have scored. And he did stay in the rundown long enough to let the runners get to second and third.

Noland looks very good. We manufactured that run but not hitting this guy – yet. Second time through the order may be different

Come on guys swing the bat!..this guy has nothing…we have already left one run off the board. Noland pitching much better just has to keep keeping the ball down.

Yeah that’s right keep screwing up scoring opportunities and let them hang around… that’s’s not good! we should already be up 3-4 runs.

Our offense has to get going. I can’t believe this 1/0 score is gonna hold up. Noland is pitching well so far, but one mistake and the lead is gone.
Speaking of gone, that’s all for Noland. Scroggins in now.
Very nervous about this game. So far we have left a lot of scoring opportunities on the bases.

Whew!! Playing with fire dodged a big bullet there! Time for the bats to wake up!! Put some good swings on this guy.

Wow! Great catch by Kenley!!! That ended the probable go ahead scoring threat for LSU. That play at this time of the game could mean the difference in a win or loss!
Now we need some more runs!!!
Way to go Goodheart!!!

Way to go Fletch!!! We needed that RBI!
Maybe this is where we open it up!! Send this joker on the mound to the bench!!

Thank you!! About time! Way to go Good-heart and Fletch!!

Oh, God!
Do we really have to relive this Peterson crap!!
Already heard one announcer mention the******rally!
Made me cringe!!!

@#$$$ you have got to be kidding me!!! That was horrible.

Missed opportunity there. Leaving too many on

Bases loaded, no outs and we get one run.
Two weak infield hits.
Maybe that extra run will be the difference. Hope so!

Pitching is doing the job (crosses fingers). Time to play some add-on.

I don’t understand that batters interference call.

Yep you could see that @##$$_ coming from a Mile away!!

Ball four, the play is dead. Runner gets second base automatically.

Then Duplantis jacks one into the bullpen.

Come on offense you put us in this position now get us out of it!! This is our chance right here don’t want to leave it up to the bottom of the order in the 9 th

Oh well that was impressive :roll:

Gotta keep em from scoring here. I would feel much less anxious having to score only two to win. ONLY!
Come on Hogs:bangbang: