Game 3 at 1 p.m., weather permitting

In case you missed it, the finale will start one hour earlier than originally scheduled tomorrow.

I’m skeptical the teams are going to be able to play the finale because of the forecast. There is a 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours, and a 50 percent chance at night.

Arkansas chartered to Auburn, so that creates some scheduling flexibility. They could start anytime tomorrow night if they think they can fit the game in, but the game has to start tomorrow and cannot be played Sunday.

Given how today went, especially from a pitching perspective, I wouldn’t be surprised if both teams were OK with a 1-1 split. The last thing you want is the potential of start-and-stop delays when both bullpens are depleted.

I agree Matt. Both teams are depleted and you don’t want to have anybody get out there and get hurt trying to overdo it

I’m sure Auburn moved it up because of their basketball game. However, that shows a pretty big lack of concern for the baseball players. They just played 24 innings of ball in the previous day. And now you’re telling them to come back even earlier??? Auburn has known all week what time their basketball game would tip off.

I”d gladly take a 1-1 split & go home right now. That’s a road trip win.

I would like to see the hugs get the win today! Maybe the rain holds off long enough to get 7 innings in and we have the lead! Wouldn’t that be considered a complete game?

As long as 5+ are completed when the game is stopped it can be called a complete game if it cant be resumed.

Looking at the Weather Channel it appears to me it’s about a 60% chance of the game being played to completion.

But our resident weatherman is Matt Jones. I’ll defer to him.

I’m super glad we pulled out the night cap last night but we definitely should have swept that doubleheader you give Campbell a 3-0 lead in the sixth inning that is a game you should win 99% of the time.

Resident weatherman? I’m asking for a raise!

The NWS has a 70 percent chance of rain in Auburn after 1 p.m., and a 60 percent chance tonight.

The Weather Channel future radar looks like the rain might hold out until between 4 and 5 o’clock. There is some rain south of Montgomery right now, but it doesn’t look like much.

There’s no curfew to stop an ongoing game, but it has to start by 4 today and if it starts and then is paused, it has to resume by 6 or it will be called.

Sure glad the weather held off. I never thought we’d win this series. At least I never thought if following the OM & UALR games. After the first AU game I was just hoping to avoid a sweep. Looking back, this is a series we should have swept, but I’ll sure take the 2-1 series win. Great win. Makes up for the home loss against the disgusting OM team. That’s one home sweep, two home series wins, & one home series loss. Not bad. 8-4 is a very good SEC record. Going to be hard to win the series against Vandy next week, but if we win even one, that means we’ll have gone to AU & Vandy & come out .500. That’s not bad in this league. Need to protect the home field, though.

I think at one point a few days ago you had us losing about 10 of 12 in this brutal 4 weekend stretch. And you’re usually so calm.

I wasn’t sure what we would do but I was confident we would scratch out some wins.

If you think about it we could have easily been 4-2 vs OM and AU despite not having one of our best bullpen guys and having another one suffer through a really bad week to 10 days.

I have adjusted my expectations down a little but I still think this is a good team. I think one adjustment DVH is about to make is to remove Noland from the rotation and make him a weekend guy that can maybe go twice. He’s really good the first time through the order and hits a wall the second time through a lineup.

One other thing to keep in mind is that Casey Martin really hasn’t gotten going yet. He’s capable of carrying a team for long stretches.

I was very frustrated by the 3 game losing streak that culminated in the embarrassing loss to a bad UALR team. I didn’t believe our BP could sustain us agaist Auburn & Vandy. I’m glad I was wrong, but I wrote all that in the middle of being highly disgusted following the UALR game. The first loss to Auburn didn’t soothe me any. Regardless, I think we’re a capable team, but I’ve still lowered my expectaions