Game 2

what an incredible hit by Fletch!!!feeling better now,probably see Cronin now just hope he’s on.

good job by the bullpen tonight!get some insurance here would be nice…

thank u LSU and big hit by goodheart!! and then Fletch!! what I’m talking about!!

Miss st 2-0 in the 5th in a literal Fog Bowl! Fog delay .I don’t see how they can even see.

Nice game!

Great to win the series! now to sweep them on out of here!

A sweep of LSU would be real sweet! I don’t think Hess will be able to throw tomorrow!
Who starts tomorrow Noland or Scroggins?

Pretty Sure it will be Noland but Scroggins will be on real quick if any trouble.

I just hope we get a good start out of one of those guys.

I’d prefer to see scroggins start this one.

Noland floats too many, and this LSU team will crank them a mile if he does.

I really would like to see both Scroggins and Noland be effective and have success! Every pitcher we have will play a huge role for the hogs to play beyond Hoover!