Game 2

Don’t see a thread… so here’s one.

Heston…?? There is that mind in lala land again

another brain fart by kjerstad…smh :shock:

It looked like Van Horn got on his fielders pretty good between innings. I’m not sure he was pleased with the play by Kenley that could have resulted in the first out.

crap! get the ball down! not making this easy already!

Well 2 outs and you spend forever screwing with runner at 1st base and give up a homer. Well that’s one way to erase the runner!

Kjerstad has to know who’s running! common sense should have prevailed he doesn’t have that sometime and it cost us a run.

guys throwing strikes go up there and swing the bat! letting him get ahead in the count.

“In baseball, momentum is as good as your next day’s pitcher”.

I feared this would happen.

I hate LSU

They always rise from the dead against us.

thats what im talking about Franklin! I think he has a good night against this guy

3up 3 down for our top 3 with franklin on 2nd and not a barrel on any of them…we going to let this guy go 5-6 if we not careful and then their going to bring on Hess and we will have our hands full…

Wicklander didn’t bring it today

wicklander has his 1st bad start of the yr and it has to be against these AH!! unreal :evil: :evil:

dp helps ! now start hitting this guy everybody else has!

he’s doing the exact same crap he did to us 2 yrs ago… not aggressive at the plate taking some very hittable pitches.

yep we 've let them bring Hess into the game maybe he will get wild or hit one of our bats but he’s tough customer.

I get the sense that Zack Hess replacing Eric Walker might have been good for the Arkansas hitters. They hit fastballs much better than breaking stuff, and Hess is a mostly-fastball pitcher.

i was thinking that too Matt,we will see,we sure weren’t hitting Walker.


Boom goes the dynamite! way to go HK! and then we get abreak have to take advantage right here!yes Matt we got a hold of one but he has some nasty stuff will just have hope we can hit a mistake.

there we go Casey!! keep it going!