game 2 improvements?

Just factual that we did not run the ball well and we need to improve in that area for sure. Maximum measurable improvement should occur between game 1 and game 2. That was our players first time in this new system and the coaches now have a chance for a better evaluation of what we are capable of doing and getting some kind of ground game going. I have faith in Coach Morris as he surely seems genuine to me. Players listen to that kind of a coach if they are convinced he has their best interest at heart. It is obvious that he cares about them. It is his nature. Add his energy level and IMO we will overachieve to a degree. The talent is not there to compete at or near the top of the SEC. I am going to give Coach Morris some time to get those players in place, however, I am not not going to underestimated him and his coaching staff to improve during the season. CCM, please show me I am correct!! We have hope and showing improvements from week to week is imperative if we are going to get to a bowl. 6 wins may be overachieving for this team. Hard to evaluate after the EIU game and all the turnovers.
I imagine all eyes are on one thing. Improving after evaluating and laser focus on Colorado State and only Colorado State. Nothing is a given. You better bring the energy. I anticipate Coach Chavis will build on what he learned during this first game also. That boy has been around the block a few times. And when I say Coach Morris, I obviously mean CCM and his coaching staff. They are all on the same page. Recognize what we have and be optimistic.

Please agree or disagree with my thoughts. I am not a football guru by any means, however I am hearing MORE good things about this staff and their approach, including their intensity. That is contagious and will play in recruiting because in the living room the families will recognize sincerity and the confident low ego approach. That approach is very intelligent especially when they recognize CCM and his staff know what they are doing.

I love the potential for our program with this staff.

eastern illinios stuffed the box. we did what we needed to do to move the ball and that was throw on them. we banged our head against the wall the first quarter. story shined but they opened it up when he got in there, and cole was left with trying to force feed the run.

i will say it was refreshing to see a strategy change based on what the other team was doing, former regime would have pounded against an 8 in the box all night long. that being said, we pass blocked very well, and we run blocked against a stacked box not so well. i was happy to see the pass blocking hold up and the qb’s throw the ball on target and the receivers get open and make the catch. make other teams respect our pass game if they are going to do that.

if colorado state does the same, air it out and make them pay.

I’m not sure Colorado State is good enough on defense to even do that. They’re giving up 600+ yards per game through two games.

EI really didn’t stuff the box that much after watching the tape. most of the times only 6 in the box but we didn’t show much but straight ahead run stuff so that made it easier for them to shut us down.

That is true because as the team gains experience, there is less room for improvement. However, that may be true for all teams, but our improvement should be greater than average since our experience with a new system is far less than average. And, I believe, our overall experience, new players, returning starters, etc. is less than average.

You make a good point. We need ALL 3 non-conf games to improve before SEC play. The coaches probably saw that there multiple position group problems with the run game and changed the game plan in the 2nd qtr (We didn’t see much of that under Bret). It made sense to use the passing game more with them overloading for the run so we could win and build confidence. Ty opened up the passing game with his threat to run and ability to move away from the rush.

Biggest improvement is always from game 1 to game 2.

Working really hard in practice, happy with how things are going.

Got a long way to go.

Its never as bad as it seems or a good as it appears.

Got to play 1 game at a time.

Got to keep choppin wood.

If we can consistently score more points than our opponents, we have a great chance of winning.

A very good chance.

200 yards rushing.