Game 1

Glad we won. Glad we won by a lot.

Favorite moment- when we took timeouts before the end of the 1st half to get the ball back to take it down and score. That’s when i really realized that Bret was no longer the coach. So pleasing.

Least favorite- watching the OL. Clenin and Adcock are not ready to play in the SEC. I’ll have to watch it again, but they got blown off the ball way too many times, by an extremely inferior DL. The other guys outside of Froholdt didn’t do anything too special either, I just spent most of the time watching the RS freshman.

Things I’d like an expect to see. More chase harrel, his size and speed are the real deal, could be huge piece of this offense with Jones and Pettway.

Next- make Jones run more Go routes! His speed is insane, I have no doubt when he steps on the field he is the fastest player on either sideline. It shows.

Glad CCM got a good first win, looking forward to making his 2nd next weekend!