Game 1 of Finals

Has OU already been designated as home team on Saturday? (Just planning ahead)

AFAIK we’re both 2 seeds, which is normally how they decide home/road initially. I don’t know that OU getting through 3-0 makes a difference but it might. Or they might just flip a coin.

NCAA just put some tickets on sale for this afternoon starting at $15. If they do the same for Saturday that would be nice.

So anyone with experience from past World Series (past couple of years) know what an estimated average price will be for tickets to GAMES 1 & 2? Currently resale values are around $175 min for Game 1 & $125 min for Game 2. Does the price generally drop after today’s game and losing team heads home?

I think the supply will improve but not necessarily the price. The OM fans (and we’re assuming we win) will know that they can gouge either us or the Paperclip fans. And our fans will know the same thing about OM/OU if we lose.

Those prices are actually improved. Earlier in the week Saturday was going for $275.

There is one other option. NCAA is offering a Virtual Fan Experience starting at $252 per game. This includes one ticket, a postgame virtual event, Q&A with NCAA legends, and a CWS recap after its done.

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