Gambling scandals now reported

At Alabama, Iowa, and Iowa St.

How widespread will it become?

Should UA take a hard look at allowing Casinos to use UA venues to promote Gambling?

The scandals were reported because safeguards are in place under legalized gambling to detect suspicious activity. If the bets had been made with a backroom illegal bookie, they wouldn’t have been caught. The state of Arkansas got in bed with Oaklawn decades ago, and of course Oaklawn now has a sports book. Saracen is just a new addition to the mix. And Downstream has been a UA sponsor for years.

I look at it as like alcohol. Drinking is legal for most, illegal for some (minors) and always illegal when combined with driving.

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Correct - better that it’s regulated, taxed, etc. When Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke were fixing games at BC back in the day it was harder to detect because it was off the books.


No question regarding the regulating of the industry, and of equal importance, the athletes and coaches. Recall that gambling by activity seeks an edge and achieving such is part and parcel of winning over an opponent.

The second problem is the addictive quality that moves the casual player, or the object of the bet, beyond a general standard of participation to an uncontrolled obsession. Jeff’s statement regarding being a bed partner speaks for itself in suggesting risk.

In the days of yore health inspectors paid special attention to the strips outside a military base not because you might find an occasional case of venereal disease, but rather to reduce the presence of venereal disease to less than epidemic portions satisfying both the purveyors of working girls along with the military that needed healthy and well cannon fodder. It is naive to believe gambling exists within some ethical code base or even gambling addiction self-help programs. Recall the two powerful independent forces at work, gaining an “edge” and the desperate plight of the addict. Both are similar to wild mustangs never voluntarily seeking the confines of a corral but instead always driving to be free,


It’s easier to track now because of all of the gambling apps.