Gale Sayers has passed

What brilliant RB & return specialist. Like George Halas once said. “Poetry In Motion”
RIP and may God Bless the Sayers Famy.

I saw that earlier; seemed like a great man and was certainly a joy to watch although admittedly I only saw highlights of his exploits. Sadly the Bears’ two greatest RB’s (along with Walter Payton) are no longer with us. But perhaps they are reunited in a better place.

Read the book “I Am Third” when I was in the 6th grade; made a pretty big impression on me. And if anyone can watch “Brian’s Song” and not shed a tear I have to question if they have a heart.

When I was a kid I would binge the old NFL Films segments. My favorites were of Gale Sayers.

IIRC Jack Mitchell srarted out pretty well at Arkansas but was let go when the team seemed to not play well. Mitchell went to Kansas and I thought a young man named Gale Sayers came along and Mitchell won a lot and became AD I think.

He was my favorite growing up! Had eyes in the back of his head an absolutely incredible athlete who seemed the glide across the field, so effortless and graceful.

That last injury he suffered was brutal to watch. SF cornerback hit him as he planted that right foot and it folded that right knee completely sideways I believe.
Sayers once said the doctors had to saw thru the muscles and nerves to complete the surgery.

Poetry in motion says it well.

One of the best. His book “I Am Third” is a must read. Prayers for his family.

The two backs that I recall that were the most fun to watch were Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders. Those two were so fluid with their cuts and acceleration. Both were born in Wichita. Sayers was raised in Omaha.

Read that book as well as a youngster. Watched the movie Brian’s Song multiple times to.

So true Clay, Gale and Barry were both just electric. Gale seemed so fluid and Barry could stop and turn on a dime and be full speed 3 steps later.
Even Dick Butkus said practicing against Gale everyday made him so much better. You couldn’t get a hit on him.

A great running back, and from what I have heard, a great man as well. Peace for his family.

Most times when I think about Gale Sayers I remember the movie about Brian Piccolo starring Billy Dee Williams as Gale Sayers and James Caan as Brian Piccolo. It was an ABC movie made for television and was one of the saddest movies I have ever watched. I never watched it again. It was brutal.

I hope those two guys are seeing each other in heaven. Maybe they will get to play ball, again.

As you know, Clay…it’s not that often that you and I agree 100% on something. But we do on this.

When I heard of Sayers’ passing, it made me stop and think of the very best RB’s I’ve ever watched. I quickly decided Sayers belonged in the top 3. Sanders was the other no doubter that immediately came to mind.

They were different backs, but both devastatingly effective.

Throw in Earl Campbell, Jim Brown and Bo Jackson, and that’s a top 5 few can argue with.

For those that would include Emmitt Smith - without a doubt a fantastic RB - I’ve always felt that as talented as he was, he benefitted greatly from some outstanding OL. That wasn’t always the case for these guys.

In the early 80s, I was honored to meet Gale. He had come to visit our company in Little Rock, regarding the services that could be provided by his Technology Consulting company that he had founded. I remember he was very articulate and professional and showed good sales skills. Wish we had cell phones back then like we do now. Could have got a selfie with him.

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