Gaiters (and I don't mean Florida)

Wanted to alert people about gaiters. First, I want to congratulate the football team and staff for trying to do all the right things in this pandemic, it appears they have been successful so far. And I do appreciate that the photo of Coach Briles (it is so hard for an old timer like me to not type “Coach Broyles”) shows him wearing what appears to be a gaiter. My son got me a gaiter and I used to wear it. HOWEVER, a study came out a few weeks ago from Duke University that tested all kinds of masks to see what works best (not that we Chapel Hillians like Duke). And they concluded that wearing a gaiter was WORSE than wearing nothing at all, that the gaiter did not block anything but instead diffused it so it spread more. So I stopped wearing the gaiter and wore disposable N-85 masks until my brother gave me a washable cloth Razorback mask with a filter for my birthday. I am not being critical of Coach Briles, whatever he has on might work, perhaps it only looks like a gaiter, and regardless he is trying to do the right thing. I just wanted to alert people that a most definitive study says to wear masks, not gaiters (and preferably a Razorback mask, it looks great),

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I’ve noticed recently that they are advertising gaiters that have a pocket in them. They are meant for holding a filter. You can buy filters, or I’ve seen reports of people using coffee filters. Maybe that’s what Coach Briles was wearing. Personally, like you, I also use just the throw-away masks.

I would think gaiters with a filter would pass muster. Maybe that was what he was wearing. But as convenient and comfortable as regular filterless gaiters are, according to the experts, they just don’t work for covid. I would imagine it’s the same with bandannas and other like things I have seen people wear. Gaiter and bandanna users do get an A for effort, but I am sure they’d do different if they knew according to the experts what they are doing is counterproductive and there is a better way,

Test your gaiter. If you can blow out a candle while wearing it, it will not protect you, nor others from you, from covid.

I like this as kind of a baseline test. Easy to try on your own!

I read that piece, but a few days later read another piece that said that that study wasn’t really valid.


From what I read, the candle test is interesting and seems to make sense but is not valid in all cases. Someone with a greater lung capacity might blow out a candle and someone with a lesser capacity might not, both using the same type of face covering.

OK, Goofball, if you raise up the gaiter and can see through it, it won’t stop your breath from going through those little porous holes, regardless of lung capacity.

Generally speaking, when you see coaches wearing gaiters, including Saban, they must not realize that gaiters are ineffective except as pretty showpieces.

Good point.

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