Gafford's line last night

Is more in line with what i expected from him this year. A lot of rebounding and a little bit of scoring. I thought going into the season that he would have a better chance of being a double digit rebounder than a double digit scorer. The good news is, he has shown he can do both as well as being a rim protector.

Once he gains some weight/strength he will be a double-double machine. Right now he is very effective, but due to his slight frame he sometimes loses his grip on the ball and positioning with the physical play down low. With that being said there is no fear and the sky is the limit. Just hope I get to see 1 more year of him next year.

Go Hogs!!!

I know he has room for improvement, but I sure like his court demeanor. Seems to carry himself with confidence and maturity, and it also seems that he is having fun. Appears to be a pretty neat kid/guy.

I like that he plays pissd off. If he gets close to the rim he is destroying it. I don’t know what the rim did to him, but he takes it personal.

This is what I’ve always liked about him. If he’s within 5-6 feet of the rim he’s dunking or trying to dunk.

That’s why I never understood the prevailing thought that he couldn’t/wouldn’t replace Kingsley’s offense or come close.

I thought he would get 3-4 dunks and layups a game to go with another bucket or 2 and some FTs–mainly by being active and being an elite finisher on dump downs, lobs and putbacks.

If he puts in the time and is patient and listens to thr right people he’s going to print money.

Hog fans ought to be thrilled with Gafford’s improvement. He has the potential to be the best Hog big man ever. Obviously, he has still got a long way to go before he surpasses Joe Kline and Oliver Miller, but the potential is there.

The trio of senior guards have really stepped up their game as well.We are even getting decent production at the 4 this year. The freshmen and sophomores are also greatly improved. C.J. Jones reminds me of a young Scottie Thurman.

Mike Anderson has done a great job of coaching this year. His players have all improved and the team seems to be getting better. Conference play will determine just how good we really are. I hope that I am not totally intoxicated by the kool-aid, but i think that this is the best Razorback team since the Hood,Reid and Bradley team of the late 90’s. WPS.

This is by far the best a Hog team has valued the ball in years! The 3 senior guards are the key to sucess this year. Gafford has the tools to be solid on both ends and he is slowly staying out of foul trouble. Thomas has been solid as well.
Cook even looks good. Hall is a double double waiting to happen. This team can go 10 deep and get quality play. It’s been years since we could honestly say that.
We have a shot this year to win the SEC!