Gafford's going off

18 points and 10 boards against Charlotte in summer league and just got a big rejection. Bulls lead 71-70 with two minutes left

Then knocked down two foul shots with 3.9 seconds left to give the Bulls a 3-point lead. It was a phantom foul, but he took advantage.

DG hit 8 of 10 foul shots and led all scorers with 20 points. Man, if he could have hit 75-80% reliably as a Hog we would have won a few more games…

Somebody in New York wishes that too. :smiley:

I think most all Hog Fans wish Daniel well with his NBA future, but don’t get things twisted about him or any other player going off in the NBA Summer League.
They aren’t yet playing against the grown men of the NBA.
That will be the true test for all of these young players that enter the NBA early…can they hang with the grown men of the NBA when the games actually count. They will possibly get 2-3 years to prove they belong in the NBA or if not they will be off to Europe or China.
Glad to hear he is making a high percentage of his FT attempts, probably putting in the work to improve and that’s what he will have to do to have a long term NBA career.
I’m hoping he does!

Go Hogs!

PJ, sometimes I think a player just has to get focused. He’s playing for his livelihood now. He was coached before but now it’s different. He’s being paid. I’m so glad he’s doing well!

That does make a difference. Plus he doesn’t have to worry about school and exams.

I get pretty excited about Gafford making 8-10 free throws in any situation at any time. Glad he’s making progress.

His teammates were too impatient on offense, and too busy taking a boatload of ill-advised 3’s.

Boatload of ill-advised 3s from his teammates has nothing to do with him shooting .591 at the line, other than if he were more reliable when not being guarded from 15 feet, they might have worked harder to get him the ball in the low block. DG’s points per possession on his usage was almost exactly 1.1 PPP, which is not that much better than our PPP of 1.04 on attempted 3s, and that 1.1 number was inflated by his dunks in transition. There was not much of a benefit of getting the ball to him in the low block in half court. Possibly even worse outcome considering the 76 turnovers he had.

By the way, the overall team PPP was 0.97. Meaning we were better off shooting a 3, any 3, than when we didn’t.

Good analysis.

A lot of the “bad” three’s were because those were the shots available. It’s not like the defense was just going to let us get Gafford the ball at the rim every time down the court if we weren’t even willing to take a three. The problem was the D could rightly consider it to their advantage to double or triple Gafford off of certain players. Our choice was to take an “ill-advised” jumper and hope it was one of the nights that some of those players made shots or get TOs and shot-clock violations stubbornly trying to get the ball to Gafford or Joe at the arc. It didn’t help that, if the opponent had a player that could push him out on the court, Gafford wasn’t a great option either. When we got decent shooting from a couple of inconsistent sources like E-S, Sills, Gabe, Harris, or Bailey, our offense was fine. Otherwise, we were easy to guard because the D knew where the ball had to go for us to score .

If you’re taking those 3’s late in the possession with the shot clock winding down, that’s one thing. The most aggravating part of the whole thing was they rarely let the offense set up and develop, taking those 3’s early in the count. There were games this season when the UA shot 17-21% from three point land, and most of it fell on players who never shot well from that part of the floor all season. At some point, it has to sink in that it’s not their strong suit.

Take just half of our missed 3-pt shots and convert them into made 2’s, and we win most of the games we lost otherwise.

If that is how you like the games to be played, you may be in for a shock. Muss offense is all about 3s. And you can’t tell me that at Nevada they too better shots and right players took the shots. Because if you compare the last season for Arkansas and Nevada, you will find that the number of threes attempted and percentage made are close to identical. And there is Nisre Zouzoua who shot more threes at a worse percentage than Gabe. BTW, number of shots attempted and percentage made by the opponent is also almost identical.

In most cases, taking a 3 with few seconds left on the shot clock is a worse shot than earlier in the shot clock. If you are wide open, you have to take the shot, otherwise the whole offense bogs down and the team ends up taking a desperate 3 with the shot clock winding down,

Now if Gabe and Harris were jacking up in your face threes, you have a point.

I kept saying that game after game when Gabe missed and would get trashed by the board. He was open, you have to take (and make) that shot to loosen up the D. Can’t pass it up

Why Coach K at Duke has “everybody” on the team practice shooting 3’s. Doesn’t mean everybody is always shooting them, but as he says if you aren’t comfortable with or refuse to shoot the open 3 your mins will diminish.
Unless you are a freaky Zion type<which he did not say.

Gabe and Harris were both horrendous at shooting 3’s. Look at their percentages, and it mainly proves that they shouldn’t have been doing so.

But you guys keep on thinking that teams who are patient and disciplined on offense cannot compete at this level any longer. It’s not like there were just 2 of them playing each other in the national championship game just a few short weeks ago.

Nobody is saying disciplined teams can’t win. As you noted, two of them played on a Monday night in April. What I am saying is that the 2018-19 Hogs were not any better when they were patient. What usually happened instead was a bad 3 to beat the shot clock.

By the way “patient and disciplined” does not mean “doesn’t shoot 3s”. Hogs averaged 22 trey attempts per game at an adjusted tempo of 70 possessions per game. Virginia averaged 21.4 at 59 possessions per game. Meaning one of their possessions was much more likely to end in a trey than ours were.

Of course disciplined teams can win, There are many ways to skin a cat, an often overused cliche but true. My point to you was if you are looking for a disciplined old school basketball team under Muss, you may be in for a shock. Because that is not what I saw in his Nevada team. That is why I talked to you through comparing stats for Nevada and Arkansas from last year. We did not hire a coach with the style that you are looking for.