Gafford's Departure

In the history of the program, we have had 12 first round picks. I am assuming that DG will be #13. Each of the previous 12 times, the team the following season had a worse record, after the 1st round pick’s departure. Sometimes it was only very slightly worse.

In fairness to those arguing that we will be better next season after DG’s departure, this year’s team is the worst team that has had a 1st round pick playing with it. So, we certainly have a shorter distance to fall. I think that makes the argument that we would have a better record next year more rational.

The closest analogy to the current situation (IMO) is the transition from '01 to '02. By and large, the only material difference in those 2 teams is that Joe Johnson left … most everyone else returned … we added a few lightly recruited late signees (best I recall).

I know that DG has a lot of room for growth at the next level, but he is/was a heck of a college basketball player. He impacts the game on both ends of the floor. He scores lots of points without taking many shots … It is going to be hard to replace, IMO.

I think it is reasonable to hope for better things next season. But I can’t quite get to the level of expecting better things next season.

As of right now, you would think that Arkansas will certainly not be better at Daniel’s spot.

May not be better at any of them, but you also would have to think they will be some improvement at the other four simply because of experience.

Arkansas may be better next year without Daniel Gafford, but if we are it will be because of who we sign this spring. There is no way we are better with this same squad minus a dominating player like Gafford. We don’t have a proven rebounder or scorer on the front line…not one. Reggie Chaney has a nice upside, but he has a lot of improving to do.

If Coach Anderson survives this year to recruit for this spring, he better kick some tail on the recruiting trail or it won’t be fun in the fall of '19.

I would be shocked if we are a better team next year. We will still have our brick layers and I don’t think that their basketball skills will improve that much over the summer . We won’t have enough size to be a good rebounding team.

The “fastest 40”slogan will be grouped with with “uncommon”. Hopefully, they will be the back of a small closet, never to see light again.

I just want to have a good team again. WPS.

I hate to see Gafford not play but we knew this day was coming just didn’t realize it was this season. We have many that say we don’t have enough talent and I agreed with that for awhile, but we went on a winning streak at the end of season and we did play Ky tough earlier. Instead of no talent excuse I’m thinking more along the lines of, inexperience, lack of continuity and undefined roles which breeds inconsistency and we have been very inconsistent. No doubt we need to recruit more basketball players and less athletes to go with the existing players, the roster is not completely void of talent. I say less atheletes because we need guys that can immediately help and build depth, at this point MA does not have the time for projects in my opinion. Anxious to see us play a full game without Dan as I will be more excited to see this game than the last as it will give us a whole different look and see how our guys respond, not if they win or lose but our effort and if anyone steps up especially coming off the bench. Wouldn’t surprise me if we get blown out nor would it surprise me if we won as I’ve learned to expect this with our inconsistent play good and bad, all I can say is tune in and see what happens. WPS

Daniel has signed with an agent already and is on a plane headed to Miami to workout

Told his teammates goodbye on Monday morning before practice

Man Daniel sure did get a lot done over the weekend when the got back from the SEC tourney, found an agent, a new spot to live, and booked a flight for Monday morning :lol:

Sounds like he feels like he needs some prep time immediately! Individual coaching maybe.

His agency is calling all the shots now

Dudley, do you know who he signed with?