Gafford's athletic ability and potential

Here’s a front-page commentary: … d-ability/

He is athletic for a guy his size. He can run…he is very mobile. He can get off his feet quickly, then come off his feet a second time quickly while rebounding.

He is a diamond in the rough on offense. He doesn’t have a post move to get his own shot and he is not effective shooting the ball yet. What he can do on offense is take it to the rack and dunk. He is very good at finishing close to the basket. He can’t handle the ball, but he can learn that skill if he is willing.

You can see the potential of him being a great player if he gets the necessary big man coaching and improves on offense.

Who is coaching him to hone his skills? Does he have a big man coach on Anderson’s staff?

Hopefully, the same person that coached Portis and Kingsley.

An argument can easily be made that MA develops players (of all sizes) better than even Nolan. However, that’s a thread for a different day.

Melvin Watkins works with the big men. He’s done well with Portis and Kingsley.

Both Portis and Kingsley did improve a great deal while they were with the Hogs. Portis looks good every time I watch him play. The Bulls don’t seem to think that much of him, which I don’t get. I wish they would trade him. Where is Kingsley playing this season?

I hope Gafford will stay at least 2 years. He could really be a force in a couple of years if he will have the patience. If he can master a turn around jumper within 10 feet of the bucket…look out. How did Gafford get away from Calipari? Did he not recruit him?

Cal doesn’t evaluate. he just recruits 5 *’s