Tip of the hat to him. Not a lot of flailing around, trying to draw fouls, went up strong with the ball every time. I thought he got robbed by game managers/deciders, he was bodied and hacked way more than he got to the line for.

He was Gas, but that may have been a blessing. Then again if the mugger hackers were called for all of their mugging and hacking, the carpet baggers would have finished the game with several players on the bench.

Dan knew this would be a physical game and reacted well to it. Played his game aggressive and even though he wasn’t treated fairly by the refs he just kept his head up played like a man and he was the better man for it.

I thought this was Dan’s best game as a Hog, although it wasn’t his highest scoring game. This is the first time I seen him strong the whole game without flopping and falling all around. He was playing like a grown man on a mission out there and didn’t let anything the refs did throw him off.

I loved how he played,he was strong on the box and held his own far better than usual,I think he realizes the games are slipping by and he needs to show he can do it against top notch competition…I hope he continues to progress,we need him to be a reliable option for us to ever be consisitent from the 3.

I hate to break this party but remember Gafford had an equally strong game against LSU at BWA. LSU plays uptempo basketball like we do and their bigs just are not as physical and didn’t put their body on Gafford and pushed him around like other teams have.

Agree they hold/ grabs double team while one fronts the other play behind him, leaning their weight on the young man of course he’s tied and they spin it by saying he struggles through physical play, at the same time they call touch files on him, but Saturday nite they played through it all anyway. These pigs are growing up they have bite I’m beginning to see small tusks around the snout

While what you say about LSU’s style of play is correct with up tempo which can occasionally free up Dan coming back the other way, but I beg to differ on their bigs not being as physical on Dan as other teams when we run our set offense & rebounding. They pushed, banged, & mauled him every chance they got including getting away with hard flagrant fouls and the refs allowed most of it.

Gafford is doing an amazing job considering the fact that he is
having to work without a 4 as a threat to score.

I watched this for the entire LSU game. Whomever was tasked
with guarding our 4 position never strayed more than 1 foot from
the paint. NEVER! He was always there to front Gafford or give
the quick double team.

That is the true weakness of this team. We need an offensive
threat at the 4 spot if we really want to see Gafford at his best.
I’m sorry, but Gabe and Adrio just don’t cut it in that capacity.
There is no real reason for them to be honestly guarded on the
offensive end.

Chaney at the 4 spot would or does help this tremendously, but
he is also the only one you have to give Gafford a breather so
its really a tough task to keep them together.

I cannot imagine how this team would have worked out if Perry
had actually shown up here and all the flim flam stuff with him
had not developed.

Sad to say we will never see Gaffords’ greatest work until after
he has left Arkansas. I hate that, but we lack the talent around
him for him to be a real beast. He is a beast now, but no where
near where he could be.

Some will agree, some will disagree… just my opinion.