Gafford with zero....?

And we win?

Probably would not have taken that bet.

yeah he didn’t look like he was mentally into it at all.I would be frustrated too to be honest becasue we very rarely get him the Ball and why he stiil got a ways to go in developing a Low post game.

We didn’t get him the ball. Usually that would make me mad.

But, it seemed clear to me early that he was a no show. His picks on pick and roll looked half-hearted. He looked weak on both ends down low. I think everyone figured it out early and looked elsewhere.

Some others stepped up big time. Despite a bunch of weak moving screens Dustin did some good things.

Trey did some good things and made Maten work a little more against a bigger body. Obviously Trey’s block was huge. Probably the biggest play of his career.

believe that was senior with muscle and experience teaching a freshman that is lean and on his way to be great a lesson. Very physical matchup all night long

That was “being schooled” by a big, experienced, physically mature, all SEC big man. Maten dominated Gafford last night. The next time he faces this type of player, he will play better. That’s the reason he needs to be a Razorback for at least one more year. The NBA has lots of players bigger and stronger than Maten. Daniel needs to get bigger and stronger and work on his basketball skills ( ball handling, footwork around the basket, mid range shot, and free throws). He has a the talent to have a long NBA career, but he’s not ready for that league yet. WPS

Yep, some posters were on me for drinking the Gafford koolaid few weeks ago. But they were right. He’s not ready for the physical grind on the NBA post play yet. He needs some muscle & more skill with shot making. Maten was a measuring stick last night.

When Gafford was open we failed to send an entry pass and when Gafford receives a pass he got doubled and forced the ball up instead of passing out to a guard. That’s a two way street getting the big man involved. He will be fine.

Agree. But, some NBA teams might want to give him that experience and time to develop just to get him on their team. His raw talent is impressive. I’m pretty sure he would get drafted if he decided to go. I hope he stays.

He still hustled his butt off.

Going into the game he was averaging 8 field goals attempts per game, over 12 points and 6 rebounds with 38 blocks.

I would like to see it around 12 at least.

I think last night was a combination of Daniel himself, his teammates and the defense of Georgia’s two big guys.

But he has had a very solid freshman season.

He is going to be a very rich young man either this summer or next and he is just scratching his potential - although he has certainly improved from high school.

Oh gosh he has improved immensely from high school. I officiated him in high school and I figured he would contribute mainly on the defensive end because of his size especially. But he added bulk and strength in the offseason and has been a major force. He may be getting a bit tired now. It is a big jump from high school to the SEC in intensity, pace of play and the season.

I have no doubt about Daniel,he will be fine in time but we have to work harder to get him the ball and he must work harder in getting position its a two way street.He has a decent little hook shot but and up and under move would help him a lot,We will need him to get more confident if we are to go as far as we want to.