Gafford with an assist to football

RD, or Dudley, question on this. When Nolan was here and the basketball team was at their peak, did they ever help “recruit” for football, or maybe another sport. I know it has been said before that a successful football program may get the attention of basketball players, and vice versa. Guess I’m just curious.

Nolan was quoted as saying he helped recruit “all the star football players.”

However, in court, it was verified that Vince Young (who signed with TX) was the only football recruit Nolan ever talked too. (At least, that’s the way I remember it).

John McDonnell used to talk to some of them.

DG is listed as 6-11 (with or without shoes, Dudley?) and both these guys come up to about Dan’s nose. That tells me they’re about 6-4 or 6-5, and I don’t know anything about either one of them (the preceding April is too soon for me to start memorizing our recruits’ numbers; heck, I won’t know them on signing day either). Some big ol’ boys. As I recall, Junior Soli was listed as 6-2ish.

It’s been a while since this happened, but we used to tell kids like Lawrence Richardson (Texas 5A 200-meter champ) and Batman Carroll that they could run track in the spring. I think they both ran after spring football ended but probably didn’t contribute as much as they could have if they weren’t part-timing track.

Coach Richardson talked to many football recruits during his tenure - not just Vince Young.

There were lots of recruits and parents who requested to meet him on their visits

If I remember correctly, no one was willing to say that under oath.

Who were some that met with Nolan?

Can someone tell us about this recruit?


To the best of my memory, here are some names:

Robert Reed
Steven Conley
Geno Bell
Anthony Hicks
Kenoy Kennedy
Batman Carroll
Lawrence Richardson
Felix Jones
Anthony Lucas
CJ McClain
Marcus Adair
Boo Williams
Sparky Hamilton
Matt Jones
Barry Foster
Theo Young
Ron Dickerson, Jr.

DG is a star, but he also seems to be a true Razorback at heart, like Bobby P, DMac, Shawn Andrews. just love to see this stuff.

We have 2 very good people in our current FB and BB coaches, as best I can tell, it makes sense that they’d help each other out as much as possible.


It’s impressive that TheonYoung met with Nolan considering he was recruited during Eddie Sutton’s tenure.

Details… I’m sure that was the only one that was made up… :thinking:

I don’t remember Nolan being all that involved with football recruiting but I do remember him being bitter toward Nutt for all the love he was getting early in his tenure at AR. I also remember him not liking any recruiting, even for basketball players, sometime after the ‘95 season. Can’t imagine how things would have looked if Nolan had been treated similarly to how Nutt was treated late in his tenure.

Love Nolan. Brought some of my best Arkansas sports memories but let’s keep it real.