Gafford with a great debut for the Wizards

He was 6-7 FGs, 1-1 FT, 5 boards, and 3 blocks in 14 minutes. The Wizards beat the Pistons.

Good for Dan. Hope this trade will help him as much as Portis’ trade to the Bucks helped Bobby.

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I saw his highlights on twitter this morning Harley. He looked very good. Maybe this move will workout for him.

I was trying to find a Gafford tweet to post here, but couldn’t locate it. But essentially he said that he took his place in the Bulls rotation for granted and did not put in maximum effort. So, when Wendell Carter returned, his minutes diminished, at times to DNP. He said he should have capitalized on Wendell’s absence. I think he has learned his lesson.

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Portis signed in Milwaukee as a FA

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