Gafford starting for the Bulls in Summer League

Game’s just started. Gafford with a slam. It’s on ESPN

edit: Gafford’s had a terrific game. 5 min left. Bulls up 10. Daniel, in 24 minutes, has 17 points on 7-8 FGs, 3-4 FTs, 7 boards, a steal and 4 blocks.

ddit: He finishes with a double double - 21 & 10 with 9 of 10 FGs.

It appeared to me that he’s put on some good weight. Looked and played stronger. Much more upright under the basket. None of that bending over and making himself smaller with players leaning on him. He’s got a ways to go defensively on the switch and roll, but did OK with it. Looked great running the floor. He got lots of praise from the announcers.

Outstanding first pro game for him.

Daniel had a stellar debut. He finished with 21 pts on 9-10 from the floor and 3-4 FT, 10 RB, 4 blocks, and no TOs. The TV commentators gave him props for the way he runs the floor. His intro could hardly have gone any better.

Next up, Knicks vs Pelicans. Will Bobby be on the summer roster?


Great to see Gafford start his career so well… his defense and rebounding alone will get him playing time next season.

So far, the Chicago press is singing praises of the two draft picks Coby White and Gafford. A good sign that he will at least make the roster. That is the minimum goal out of the summer league.

doing what he does best run the floor and dunk.

Gafford has made the roster. Minimum goal for the Summer League achieved.

In a couple of seasons he could very well be a star and certainly a fan favorite with his sky-walking abilities…

I’ve always looked at him as a Clint Capela type player with his energy and ability to run/jump.

Daniel is athletic and graceful. He had a nice looking free-throw stroke. He has some offensive upside that he could develop and that will really help him with his NBA career. If he has the want-to like Bobby Portis has, then he might become a really good professional.

I would bet he is in touch with Bobby and getting some guidance or at least I hope so.