Gafford shoots it off the side of backboard....

My gosh he’s playing poorly. And it seems he’s coached poorly. What other conclusion is there?

While on the block, he’s received 4 passes and scored 7 points. Good production.

For some reason, I decided to keep track of that tonight. : )

For the game, Gafford received 7 passes while posted up. He scored 11 points off those feeds and drew 3 fouls (also missed two free throws).

Can you imagine how good he could do if he got the ball when he was in good position? They don’t give him the ball when he is in good position and it usually happens late in clock. Beard concerns me that I cant remember many times that he gave it to Gafford. Beard will leave Gafford open in great position. I don’t get it.

Spot on. I might be judging Gafford a little unfairly. He still rushes too much after he catches it. Looks spastic often. That may be why he doesn’t get the ball. But he needs more work and touches. A good coach would make it happen. A consistent big man scorer is better than having a slew of jump shooters who can go cold at any time.

Gafford is a freshman, and freshman post players rarely are polished scorers against college guys who are their own size and often older and stronger. You can’t coach a skinny freshman into a polished low post scorer in 2/3 of a season. Be patient, Gafford is coming along fine and seems to have a huge desire to get better, just like Bobby Portis a few years ago.

He will be a diamond someday, just not today. Needs about three years in college to make it big in the NBA, if he leaves after this year he will have a long hard road ahead of him I’m afraid. WPS