Gafford not playing the NIT

Enough said.

Well…why even accept the bid if we knew this? It’s gonna be ugly.

You never know

Exactly. Some on here think we could be better without Gafford.

The program is in good hands and headed in the right direction. We are going to be better without Gafford anyway.

Let’s see what these kids can do.

It’s obvious Dan was absolutely disgusted with the fan base. He owes us nothing.

That talk was about next year with new replacements and you know it.

How do you figure that?

The interview with him that was posted this weekend. You could tell.

I will happily eat my words but I see NO WAY this team this year is better without Dan. We have ONE player now who is a legit 4 or 5, and he’s not a threat to create on the block. Not to mention he may be leaving too! If Mike stays, he absolutely has to get Hawkins and the other big coming in next week, it’s a shame we have no more talent than this.

And if he does, y’all will be bashing him next year as well. He’s not a Day 1 starter. Good potential for a four year player, but not what y’all want him to be.

To be honest, I appreciate Daniel coming back this year and it’s sad that the fans have publicly acted out I guess on social media…but Daniel should also note that the reason he was double and triple teamed was bc Mike didn’t have any decent 4 to play next to him. Mike has failed in recruiting. No way around it. I am fine one more year but he has to sign a Juco difference maker-need 3 of them

I agree with this, and would like for him to get 4-5

I was gone all weekend. Is it on here where I can see it?

Let’s don’t blame the fans for Daniel Gafford not wanting to play in the NIT. The fans have been really supportive this year of a mediocre team. Where do we stand in attendance compared to the rest of the SEC?

If he doesn’t want to play because he is concerned he might get injured, I understand that. The NIT is not an event the players are probably fired up about…why should they be?

The question is why did we accept an invitation to play if we knew he wasn’t interested in playing? That is puzzling.

Provide a link or source. Otherwise, your post is not credible.

Because the team is bigger than one person.

There is an enormous difference between the fans that buy tickets, attend the games, and the silent majority vs the fans on message boards, call-in radio, and twitter. The latter “fans” are what his post was referencing. I believe you are referencing the other fans.

To not accept a tournament bid because a player chooses not to play is absurd. That’s just telling the rest of the team everyone has zero faith in their abilities, which it’s obvious most around here feel that way anyway.
Plus cause animosity between Dan & his AR teammates. They understand his decision & I guarantee you Dan will be cheering the team on.
These youngsters just might surprise you.