Gafford needs to want the rock

These two losses at home are gonna hurt us come selection committee time. Mark my words. I am not saying they keep us out of the dance. But we have alot of work to do now. Losing to WKU and GTech wouldn’t be so bad if they were away games. But at home? That hurts.

I have seen alot of posts about where we are falling short. I don’t disagree with them. But one thing I don’t see discussed as much (and maybe I missed a thread) is Gafford, IMO, doesn’t work hard enough in the post demanding the ball. Yes, our young guards need to work harder to get it to him. And Mike needs to demand it. But WAY to many half-court possessions go by with Gafford not seeing the ball…and some of that is on him.
Mike clearly wants to run this offense inside out…whether against man or zone.

Gafford has to dig in and DEMAND the ball. Over and over and over.
He’s the only inside scoring threat we have.

Totally agree… I said that myself last night

He’s is getting doubled and drawing a lot of attention, getting hammered. But he has gotta stop bringing the ball down around his knees, last night I think he touched the floor.
He flails around a lot, and loses the ball a lot from flailing when he is touched. I get he is trying to pick up fouls, I get he is getting a lot of contact, but i would rather see him be stronger with the ball and with his hands.

We force to much inside, it’s gotta flow. Our tempo is terrible. Our starts are terrible recently. I can’t believe we scored 65 at home.

I agree on all your points. Last night we sat at 4 points for almost the entire first 8 - 9 minutes it seems. Killed us. These youngsters will learn but there are going to be some hard lessons ahead.

My thoughts are that they seem pissed off at one another. I think That Joe needs to follow up on his shots. Their was some of his missed shots that he could of got and shoot again, but he just watched it bounce back and Ga tect player got it. Maybe I was just seeing things… I think he is going to be Arkansas greatest shooter ever…

Hog, I hear you and agree, but against capable bigs he struggles. I thought this year he would have developed better inside moves. Too me, he seems to be off balance when taking some shots. Yes, we do need to feed him the ball. He can only get better.