Gafford is so impressive

who’s our last player with his skill set? BP? Portis was more polished offensively, but I don’t think he had the Anthony-Davis-like arms and hops.

some of his blocks really remind me of ADavis, especially the one where a guy was shooting right handed and had Gafford on his left shoulder, but Gaffor’s is soooo long and times things so well he still blocked it. very impressive.

Now he’s adding that spin move, it’s almost unfair. He made the #1 shot-blocker look foolish in the first 5 minutes.

That pick n roll dunk, my goodness! Holy Dominique Wilkins!

plays so hard, just a treat to watch.

for some reason I just keep thinking “he’s the center that Nolan never signed…what could have happened with this guy on one of those 90’s teams?”


I don’t doubt that DG could have contributed to one of Nolan’s teams, but we had centers in that era. Oliver Miller. Darnell Robinson. Lee Wilson. None of them had Gafford’s skill set, but they were centers.