Gafford impressed most with Ibby Ali

In Bob Holt’s article today in ADZ, he quotes Gafford saying “A lot of newcomers are doing well but I’d say the guy who really has impressed me is Ibby”.

He says after starting sluggish, he has come out with energy , blocking even Gafford’s shots and finishing well around the basket.

Hopefully Ibby can give Gafford some much needed relief this year. But he may be a year away from playing quality minutes.

I am betting that barring injury, by middle of SEC season, he will backup Gafford for 10 to 12 minutes per game. That length and hop will be too good to keep on the bench.

Chaney is another key as well, and if he and Ibby can carry the load inside together when Gafford is on the bench.

Well now, I consider this as a good honest reliable report on Ibby Ali coming from one of his peers that he will be sharing the trenches with.

On the hand after looking at Henderson stats from the recent red and white game I feel a little dismayed wondering about his digression once rated a 4* his senior year in high school, now playing as a borderline 3*, I hope he can and is willing to be coached up… you think he misses perry playing off perry’s energy

Lack of production in R&W doesn’t necessarily spell doom. I would like to see all these guys in an organized game against another team to draw conclusions.

On the other hand, dominating a R&W game does not necessarily mean stardom. Remember Landis Williams?

Interesting viewpoint.

I considered DG’s comment to be nothing more than our Team Leader trying to boost the confidence of a teammate.

I would agree. Ibby has the physical tools, but he’s very raw and will need a lot of fine tuning.

He has this entire season to work and learn from Gafford. He could end up being a diamond in the rough.

Will agree that will help. That said some guys have the ability to develop offensively while others struggle. We’ll know fairly soon with Ibby. He has a ways to go offensively.

Okay, I have lost the popular vote. I pressed the delete button on Gafford’s comments. Usually I wait to see a player with my own eyes before forming an opinion. Not sure why I trusted Gafford in this case. Lesson learned.

Response: well now that might be a bit of a stretch as well. I believe Gafford’s comments were sincere based upon what he is seeing and playing against in daily practices. Besides I believe it was Baylor that offered him a scholarship first they saw something positive, in addition to Mike taking him. Listen this young man saw an opening at Arkansas, the same program Kingsley excelled in, negotiated his release from Baylor and contacted Mike he has put in the works with Sunday, those same works now on the hill in organized scrimmages where the coaches are present. I’m not saying he 's ready to start but like him and many others on this team they have a very good basketball IQ that stimulates success, shorten learning curves, in stead of just listening they buy into what Mike and staff are teaching, hence when conference season roles around he will hold him own out on the court if not sooner…

I don’t understand how anyone can critique Ibby or any other player on this team. They haven’t played an official game yet.

Maybe I’m missing something.

Holmes played and scored tonight. Ibby didn’t. That tells you what MA thinks so far. Doesn’t even get in in a 49-point blowout.

MA has plenty of issues to get straightened out with his frontline players before he can kick start the Ibby project.

If he is needed, he will play.

If not, he will redshirt.

Early returns look like Chaney comes in for Gafford as well as playing alongside him.

Henderson next in line.

Starting to think this is a Doobie Jenkins like situation here. Which is fine, a win win for both sides.

Ibby is very, very raw.