Gafford has to learn to use the glass...

down low he tries to shoot into the rim…that is too difficult especially because he can’t shoot. However, he would be much more successful using the glass on those 6-8 footers. Those floaters in the lane are for great shooters, not 7 footers. Put it off the glass if you aren’t dunking, please. It is a much easier and much more high percentage shot.

AMEN… I posted last month saying that it is OK to use the glass, but other than Chaney we don’t dare shoot it off the glass.
We miss so many point blank shots every game throwing up prayers that have little chance of going in. It is actually easier to use the glass on those close shots than try to swish it.

Players not using the glass is one of my pet peeves! How is this not stressed over and over in practice. The glass really reduces the margin of error!!!

I knew one of you guys started a thread about this a few weeks ago, but I didn’t remember who did. Sorry.

Why would the coaches not teach this simple shooting technique to use the backboard for the 6 -8 footers and on in?

Anybody that has ever played basketball knows it is so much easier to use the glass to make a 6-8 foot shot . Sometimes in the middle of the lane and straight on to the basket, a player doesn’t have an angle to use the glass, but most every time a bank shot is the shot for a guy like Gafford or any shooter near the hoop. Trying to make a floater or just use the rim is just not the shot to take.

This is something you learn in junior high school. If you don’t do it, start today by doing it.

It is taught.

I see drills on it at every practice that I have attended, albeit I don’t go to as many lately

Shooting off the glass is a good suggestion… getting the ball to Gafford in the paint much more often where he can shoot it off the glass is a better one.

Using the glass is fundamental basketball,what’s the penalty in practice when you show disregard for things being emphasized by the coach and staff ? Obviously the penalty is not sufficient if players to continue to not accept coaching.You can always tell by watching a game what is being taught or is being taught but not adhered to and it’s called undisciplined and that may best describe this team at this time IMHO. WPS

This team should watch some old games from 1990-91 . I had forgotten how GOOD a shooting team we were. Those kids knew how to shoot it off the glass. I found a old game when we played KState in barnhill we shot 53.% for the game 83% free throws beat them 112-88 for the yr we averaged 99.6 pts a game and shot 50.3% shooting and 73.3 free throws . (We beat a former Hog coach that night DAltman)

We need a Lenzie Howell. What a great scorer. Used glass. Great mid range game. I think that is part of the problem. These guys don’t concentrate on the mid range game at all. It’s either threes or dunks.

I would like to see the free throw percentage go up! Finishing around the basket the backboard sure don’t get much use from them yet.
We can’t say they don’t take coaching they gotten better at rebounding these last 2 games.

Gafford more than anything else needs to want the ball more and when he gets it develop some post moves like the FR from WK put on him Pump fake and then pivot and go up.
I was hoping he had worked hard to develop them but so far I don’t see it just tries to go straight up over the defender,has a pretty good little jump hook but he never works to middle to recieve the ball so he in position to shoot it,just stays on the block where he is easily doubled.I will be glad when we get a good Post plyer thatn score inside,supposedly this Morris kid we are recruiting can do it…hope so

Gafford is doing much better today scoted two or three times with some good moves.

Gafford having a good offensive game but we are getting killed on the boards. To many put backs by LSU.