Gafford had a nice game tonight for the Bulls

Daniel got a start tonight. Played 19 minutes, 3-4 from the floor, 1-1 FTs, 6 boards, and 2 blocks.


And in other ex-Hog news, Mase played three minutes and did not score for Houston, IJ did not play for the Sixers as they beat Boston (sorry Dudley) and the Bucks’ game with Washington was postponed because the Wizards didn’t have enough players available, so Portis got the night off.

Dudley, I watched about 30 seconds of the Boston game last night. The Celtics have changed their home uniforms. Nothing stays the same, does it?

The Milwaukee Bucks now are in baby blue, perhaps the worst color ever. What happened the the Buck green?

Not Dudley, but those uniform changes are not permanent. They are either throwback or “city” jerseys they have the players wear every so often to sell more jerseys. And I agree about the Bucks blue jerseys. They are awful.

NBA has gone to some alternate uniforms, which gives them more stuff to sell to the fans. They call the weird ones the “City edition”. In the Bucks’ case, the blue is a reference to the waters of Lake Michigan which border the city. But their main color is still green. Last year their City edition jerseys bore the words “Cream City” instead of Bucks or Milwaukee or even the deer-head logo. Apparently that’s a nickname for the city of Milwaukee.

As best I can tell, the Celtics’ City edition uses gold numerals which are in an Irish-looking font (the name Celtics itself being a reference to all the Irish people in the Boston area). There is also an alternate version which is designed to resemble the championship banners hanging in the rafters of the Gahden.

I didn’t expect to see Boston beat Philly either time this week with Jayson Tatum out.

But I did hope to see Isaiah play

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