Just read that Gafford signed a 4 year $6.1 million with 2 years guaranteed.

This blog says it’s the minimum for four years, which the Bulls used up some cap space to give him four years, as the minimum contract exception only allows two year deals. Also gives them full Bird rights after the third year and makes the contract more amenable to a trade if the Bulls decide to go that route.

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Bird rights (named for Larry Bird, shockingly) give an NBA team the right to go above their salary cap to re-sign their own free agents. Bird rights can also be transmitted to a new team if, again, the Bulls decide to trade Dan after the third year.

Probably should have come back for one more year; could have been worth a lot of money to him. wish him well.

He’s got two years of guaranteed money, and no guarantee that he would have had any more next year if he’d come back (it’s possible that the real argument is whether he should have left after his freshman season, and thus gotten a year closer to that second contract where you make the big bucks). Even at the NBA minimums of $898,310 in the first year and $1,445,617 in the second, which it appears is what he’s making, that’s two years of pretty good coin. He’s not immediately set for life like Zion Williamson will be, but he’s not as good as Zion, let’s face it. And next year he might still have been in line for a minimum contract.

But if he plays well in Chicago and develops, he can get that second deal in 2023 for some really serious money. Like, say, what Pat Beverley just signed for with the Clippers.

He should have left after the first season if we are just going to talk about money.


I’m not sure that’s really true. I think his playing a second year endeared him to more of the Razorback faithful; and I think that’ll likely serve him better long term.

Anyway, the Hogs could have had a great year in 2019/2019 and that would have boosted Dan’s ranking. So, it was a type of crapshoot, but I think it was a fair risk and one that won’t hurt him long term. I’m very glad he gave year 2 a chance.

Wishing DG well…(although I can’t stand the NBA).

Doesn’t make a hill of beans financially. DG’s future revenue sources are in Chicago and other NBA cities, not Little Rock, not Fayetteville and certainly not El Dorado (although he could probably get some kind of endorsement deal from Murphy Oil).

You’re right that it’s a crapshoot. DG didn’t get hurt, got drafted and signed a contract, so in that respect he won, but he would have been drafted last year too – possibly higher. Coming back for year three would have run the same risks.

We also really don’t KNOW that he would have been drafted higher if he had come out after his first year. The draft projections which had him higher were done before he announced he was coming back. Had he stayed in the draft he would have gone through the combines and practiced for several teams before the draft. But evidently his performance in those events this year didn’t help his status in the draft. You can’t tell me he wasn’t better prepared for those things after his second year. How do we know that he wouldn’t have dropped completely out of the draft if he had stayed in it his first year?

I believe Gafford is better prepared to face the challenges ahead after being the primary leader of the Hogs this year. He gained experience that he likely wouldn’t have had if he had turned pro. I know the counter arguments… that he would have spent the year only playing basketball professionally… but where? And would he have been a focus of the team’s offense?

I guess what I’m saying is… I think Gafford’s chances at having a successful NBA career are enhanced because he played in college another year. He may have been drafted higher last year but I think his chances of being a disappointment, to the team and himself, would have been greater last year, and he may have flamed out quickly. We’ll never really know, but I sure hope he makes it in the NBA and stays awhile.

I agree with you.

He’s where he is because of who he is. He didn’t come out after his first year because he wasn’t good enough. He didn’t get drafter higher this year because he wasn’t good enough. He’s getting paid what he’s worth. So is bobby. Joe left after year 1 and was drafted ten. He was worth that. He proved that. There’s no game to play here, except basketball. Those that are good enough will get paid accordingly. If Gafford wants a career in the NBA, he needs to go watch Dennis Rodman clips. I’d suggest a few tattoos and piercings as well.

Would of, could of and should of, it is what it is, no matter what he decided someone somewhere would be second guessing his decision. He’s drawing a check and his future depends on how hard he works as it should be, wishing him the best. WPS

Joe stayed two years

Year and a half, really; he did not become eligible until after the first semester of his freshman year ended and appeared in 23 games.