Gafford at Nike Big Man camp

I have read reports that Gafford is in LA at the Nike Big Man camp. Dudley, is this the same camp that Bobby Portis attended?


Gafford was measured at 6-11, 232 pounds

That is a big man.

Comments- I did not know that Garland also attended that camp with Kingsley, and Gafford as a graduating high school senior, or perhaps both Garland and Gafford were seniors.

6’10, actually, which surprised me and Gafford. He tweeted jokingly that he swears he’s shrinking.

7’2 wingspan.

Amazing that Goodman didn’t work a shot at MA into this tweet. Wasn’t that he ran out of characters.

In a Q&A on his Instagram the other day, Gafford said his wingspan is 7-4 now. Either way, pretty absurd.