Gafford at #21 in SI's Mock Draft

Really hope we get a second year from him but the odds are beginning to look bad on that…

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Help Hogs get to Final Four this year and I wouldn’t care what he does next year.

Agree. I hope he turns into the #1 pick.

I really like Gafford. He has taken our team to another level…I think he comes back for his second year after being evaluated by the pros just like Barford and Macon did…There are a lot of really good bigs out there this year that will be in the draft. I think when the evaluations come he will be pushed down the list which is a good thing for us.

One thing I’ve noticed in the comments on almost all of Gaffords Mock evaluations is that he would benefit from a second year of college. Hopefully the staff expresses that to him as well. It’s possible he could be a top 10 pick in next year’s draft. currently has him at #12 in the 2019 draft. Recruiting him back for his second year is going to arguably be the staff’s most important task they’ve had since their time at Arkansas. Even looking at Portis if he would have left after his Freshman year, we still had a top 40 guy in Kingsley backing him up, plus a couple of really good seniors on the team. Without Gafford next year, this is going to be a really young and inexperienced team with no real star power.

Gafford would definitely benefit from a second year and would be a really high pick next season if he chooses to stay.

If the Lakers continue to lose and had over to the Celtics the second pick - as it would be today - the Celtics had better take Marvin Bagley

Gafford is a smart young man. He will make a good decision. He knows he has to add bulk to his frame and develop some more in his offensive game. He will come back for at least one more year.
Look at where Monk is right now. G league and could end up overseas. Another year or 2 for Monk would have made a big difference. The money will be there after 2019 season for Gafford.