Gafford and the offense, positives and negatives.

Just some thoughts:

Positives: Overall the guard play has been very solid. Seeing more from Sills than I thought I would, Embery is coming along and will continue to get more minutes. Joe, Jones, Harris…all great, although Harris is going to need to hit a couple shots to back the defense off going forward. Bailey has obviously shown a tremendous amount of improvement, the game has finally slowed down for him. Some of the best defensive rotations of the Anderson era.

Negatives: FT shooting, not much more to say. They need repetition and confidence, make a few in the game and hole gets bigger. Secondary scoring, been mentioned on here already, but bench production has been poor. Thus far disappointed with Chaney, he looks lost and seems to have no confidence in what he’s doing. Have to get him going. Guys need to understand their roles and play them, Gabe’s role is a glue guy, play D, rebound, take charges, set your teammates up. He has to accept that role or his mins are going to diminish. Very disappointing for the style that Mike like’s to play that we are essentially not using 25% of our scholarship players (Garland, Henderson, Ali). What an incredibly different team this would be with Reggie Perry and a healthy Khalil Garland. :cry:

Biggest issue going forward: The offensive movement, spacing, and how Gafford is being used needs to get cleaned up. Daniel has committed 12 turnovers in the first two games, mainly from passing out of the double team. Working him block to block as you would a traditional center (ala Azabuike of Kansas) is not the way he should be used. Need to get him in more pick & roll, high balls screen situations and be sending opposite side cutters when he’s double teamed. Even a very simple entry to him, back out, and then right back in alleviates a double. It’s disappointing that he looks surprised that he’s being aggressively doubled.

Gafford on defense. One thing I absolutely do not like is having him at the front end of the press. I have yet to see a turnover from that alignment and I think I would rather have him on the back end guarding the rim. Plus, with as much pounding and double teams he’s facing seems we are just flat running our own player ragged. A forward or big guard would be just as effective and save Gafford a little energy.

As far as the offense, I’ve never seen a fine tuned machine on any Anderson coached team say like North Carolina. Which is ok if you have players that can create but our spacing as you said is not good at all. I saw one high to low post pass for a bucket last night. Bailey to Gafford. Would like to see more of that. A work in progress. We will find out tons more Sunday.